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Dancing with the Stars Season 25 Premiere!

Dancing with the Stars Season 25 Premiere!



I could not be more excited for this season!  It’s a really great cast and I think it’s going to be a competitive season!  Crazy it’s up to 25 seasons.  I have watched since Season 1 and seen the changes over the years and this one should be special!

What an opening night!  That was absolutely amazing!  Bravo Mandy Moore!

We will miss Julianne as a judge this season but, nice to see Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann back.  I have to say in a way I am glad the judges are scoring a bit low tonight.  This gives all the partnerships room to grow and improve.


Terrell Owens & Cheryl Burke


Cha Cha

Wow I didn’t realize this was Cheryl’s 20th season!  I thought they were good, the height difference made it a bit interesting to watch and Terrell seemed maybe a bit nervous but it is the opening night.  It was fun and energetic.  I think with his personality and Cheryl’s coaching you will see him improve and loosen up as the season goes on.




Debbie Gibson & Alan Bersten



I am so excited for Alan to finally be a Pro!  I think Debbie was the perfect person to match him with this season!  I grew up listening to Debbie’s music and she has a fun personality!  On a personal note I can understand part of Debbie’s struggle with Lyme disease.  I went for an annual skin check and they found the bull’s eye on my arm it was in a spot I could see and for 3 months they loaded me up with antibiotics but, the symptoms you go through are absolutely awful and really you can’t understand until you have gone through it.  They performed a beautiful Foxtrot!  It was light, beautiful, and elegant and I really think this will be a partnership to watch this season.


Sasha Pieterse & Gleb Savchenko


Cha Cha

I think this will also be a fun partnership.  They seemed to have already formed a nice friendship.  I thought they did well for the first week.  Cha Cha is not an easy first dance to learn and I thought they did good.  I thought it was fun, and it showed off Sasha’s fun, fierce and fabulous personality.  I think you will see this partnership continue to improve and grow as the weeks go on.



Drew Scott & Emma Slater



You could not find a better match in personalities than these two!  No pressure Drew, Emma won last season but, I think he is totally up for the challenge!  Drew definitely came out full of energy and he is so animated which is fun to watch.  It was fun, light and very energetic!  I think first night energy might have got the best of him just a bit but, I think they will do good this season and continue to improve.  BTW I loved Emma’s dress!


Barbara Corcoran & Keo Motsepe  #teamSharkeo


Keo and Barbara are just too funny together.  This combo is going to be fun!  Barbara definitely had the basic technique/steps of the Salsa down.  It was a ton of fun to watch, they have a lot of fun energy and I think she exceeded expectations tonight.



Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold



Lindsay definitely has a partner she could go all the way to the end with this season!  That was a killer first week performance and they should be excited with that performance.  Lindsay is so creative and I think this will be another team to watch this season!  They should be thrilled with their performance tonight!




Nick Lachey & Peta Murgatroyd


Cha Cha

I really like Nick and Peta partnered up.  I thought they were really good tonight.  They absolutely have potential to go far in this competition.  Nick definitely has some moves!  He is right 98 degrees wasn’t known for their dancing but, he was really good tonight.   A lot of fun energy, hip action and good technique for the first week.  Peta is such a good teacher and I think couple that was his determination and they will go far!



Vanessa Lachey & Maks Chmerkovskiy


Cha Cha

Maks and Vanessa will be a great match up personality wise.   Vanessa was really good.  She absolutely learned the technique of the dance and they are going to be a great partnership.  They brought the sizzle, the energy, fun and I was impressed!  I liked to hear what Maks said too about working hard.  Maks is another fabulous teacher and working hard will take you far!


Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson



First up can we talk about Witney’s dress, gorgeous!   They are such a cute partnership.  I thought they did really good.  Frankie was light on his feet, they seem to be perfectly matched for each other and they should be very proud of their performance tonight.  It was beautiful and endearing.  I love it when you can feel the emotion in the dance.




Nikki Bella & Artem Chiigvintsev



First of all I love how excited Artem is this season!  This is such a great match up!  They were crazy good tonight!  Nikki is very powerful and a strong presence!  Nikki does what I do when I dance too it’s hard to look up when you are learning.  Artem is such a great teacher too so I think they will do great this season!  Artem might need some massages this season with all the body slamming.


Derek Fisher & Sharna Burgess



Derek Fisher has the moves!  I think he and Sharna will be fantastic this season!  Their dance was fun, filled with good content and they absolutely made a huge impression tonight.   He has a real presence on the dance floor and I think as he continues to learn from Sharna they will be a team to watch.




Victoria Arlen & Val Chmerkovskiy


Cha Cha

Victoria’s story is nothing short of amazing and inspirational.  I am so happy she is matched with Val.   She has an amazing spirit that just shines right through.    They blew the roof off the studio tonight!  Victoria should be so proud of herself that was amazing!  Crazy high energy, great technique and her personality literally just lit up the room.  Bravo!



Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas


Cha Cha

I thought Lindsey was good and with two very creative personalities I am sure they will be bringing us some great performances.  I am a little unclear if Lindsey has dance experience or not so someone please correct me on that.  I know she was in a video with Derek Hough in the past.  They absolutely had a great performance tonight.

As I expected this season is packed with talent and great personalities.  Voting will be even more important than usual to keep your favorites coming back week after week!

For pictures from the tour this summer please visit my social media pages @lightscmemories!

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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Soul 2 Soul Tour

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Soul 2 Soul Tour

September 2017 Cincinnati, OH

Ultimate Soul2Soul Experience



Tim McGraw & Faith Hill have a very good VIP program.  I had wanted to meet Tim for so many years but, he is definitely one of the more difficult to meet artists.  I literally cannot say enough about the experience.  The staff was so incredibly kind, organized and let us all know the rules ahead of time (No cell phones/autographs) and then said this is your Meet & Greet make it what you want it to be.  I so wish all artists would say that.  Tim & Faith were both extremely kind, genuine and warm and you were able to speak to them for a few minutes and then pose for a photo.  They had great lighting too which was a wonderful touch!

What was included in package?


One Incredible Top Price Reserved Floor Ticket in the Front Row *

One Exclusive Meet & Greet with Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

One Individual Photo Opportunity with Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

ULTRA-Exclusive, Autographed, Limited Edition Soul2Soul Tour Lithograph

Autographed by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill and Personalized With Your Name

  • Designed Exclusively for VIP’s and Comes with an Official Certificate of Authenticity

Exclusive Access to the Official Soul2Soul VIP Lounge

  • Full Dinner Buffet (Complimentary Selection of Fresh Foods, Including Desserts)
  • Deluxe Cash Bar (Includes Complimentary Water and Soft Drinks)
  • Espresso & Coffee Bar with Complimentary Coffee, Lattes, Teas and More!
  • Variety of Comfortable Seating Options to Enjoy Food & Beverage

On-Site VIP Perks

  • VIP Preferred Parking (One Parking Pass Per Order, Where Available)
  • Crowd-Free VIP Merchandise Shopping Opportunity
  • On-Site VIP Concierge
  • VIP Priority Check-In
  • Separate VIP Entrance

The Essential Soul2Soul VIP Gift Bag

  • VIP Gift Bag Designed Exclusively for Soul2Soul Ultimate VIPs
  • Includes Special Soul2Soul Themed VIP Tour Merchandise
  • Each VIP Gift Bag Also Includes a Commemorative Soul2Soul VIP Tour Laminate and Matching Lanyard

Entering the VIP: They let us in right on time, we went through security, signed in to get our ticket and appropriate wrist bands and then were brought to the special Merchandise booth and then led into the party. The party included a buffet dinner, soft drinks and water and a cash bar.

One thing we didn’t receive the VIP merchandise ahead of the event but, truly that worked out for me as they had my old address and I was able to update that.  When I do receive the VIP items I will update this post with a photo of what you receive.

Final Verdict: Definitely recommend Tim & Faith’s VIP!

Fun concert wear!



Until Next Time,




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Luke Bryan HFE Tour VIP 2017

Luke Bryan

August 2017 Syracuse, NY

Lake View Amphitheater



Luke Bryan has a very good VIP program. I was lucky enough to win a meet and great for the second time for the Syracuse, NY show. He is incredibly nice and it’s always a great experience to meet him in person. Like many country artists, Luke has a fan club entry to win his meet and greats.  Luke has such a kind, humble, fun personality and truly makes each fan that he interacts with feel special.

I understand why a lot of country artists do this: accessible for all fans vs. only those who can afford it. That makes the process a great thing.

Entering the VIP: You sign in,  receive a red bag and a 2-3 song acoustic set and some finger snacks. The VIP area is very intimate and Luke performs really well.  He really is so laid back and fun in these performances.

Suggestions for his staff & CID Entertainment: I have been saying this one for a few years now number the wrist bands given out when you enter and possibly allow groups of 50 in at a time. But when it’s time to enter the acoustic tent area, make them line up in order by bracelet number. That will seriously cut down on the insane running, pushing, coming up from the back that occurs and keeps it fair, if you get there on time you go in first. Tim McGraw’s VIP staff does that and it works very well. It didn’t take much time at all to get everyone in number order.  Plus who wants to have to run like crazy to get into an event when you were among the first 20 in line? One other suggestion would be to offer a limited # of VIP Meet & Greet tickets for purchase to compliment the fan club meet and greet contest. Keith Urban did that last tour and I believe sold 5 or 6 per show, we got the party, M&G and there was a roped off up front spot in the pit we were escorted into.  I know a few friends of mine would love to meet Luke but, have not been lucky enough to win yet and with Luke’s ever growing popularity it will be harder.

Venue Comments:  This was my first time attending an event at the Lakeview Amphitheater.  I thought the venue itself was very nice.  Getting in wasn’t bad, I had a family member drop us off.  Getting out was miserable.  1st they need way more lighting, the ground is very uneven in spots and you couldn’t see where you were walking.  We had heard it was fast to take the Centro buses downtown after.  That didn’t work out to be a fast option because they did not have a bus only lane so the bus got stuck in all the traffic.  They should have a car lane and a bus lane so the buses going downtown and to the parking lots could easily move in and out and be way more efficient.  The prices were also outrageous compared to other venues I have attended.  $7 for a soda/water, $15 for a drink.  I am not sure if attending events at this venue will be top of my list to return to.



Final Verdict: Definitely recommend Luke’s VIP!

Fun concert wear!



Until Next Time,



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DWTS VIP Hot Summer Nights Tour Summer 2017

DWTS VIP Hot Summer Nights Tour Summer 2017


I’ve had the pleasure of being a VIP for the last five Dancing with the Stars tours. From the first tour I participated in the VIP to this year’s tour I must say: It’s like night and day!  They have improved them tremendously!  So let’s talk about the details of the VIP!

Pre-Show: For my 1st and 2nd shows in Raleigh/Durham…I did two different packages there.  We received our pre-show email about 3-5 days ahead from VIP Nation.  For our show we had to arrive between 2:15-2:45 and show started at 5:00 (Note this varies city to city so ALWAYS review your itinerary).  There is no reason to line up an hour early or anything.  They have a very organized process to get everyone in.  The email also contains where the VIP check in table is, the link to where to find your photos and password.

Front Row VIP Package Gifts

Entering VIP:   Right on time the doors were opened, they did the usual security checks at the door and then you went to the sign in table.  It took maybe 5 minutes to get checked in.   We also picked up our 1 drink ticket, the tote bag for the front row package included a bag, sunglasses, water bottle, earbuds & signed tour program.  For the 2nd row package it include the same minus the signed tour program.  When you check in you are given a laminate with a letter on the back and that is the order they call you for your pictures so there is not one giant line and everyone can enjoy the party until it’s their turn.  I will also say I missed our VIP host from the last two tours Anthony Jones.  No offense to Brittany in any way.

Now on to the good stuff!  After check in we were directed upstairs.  We didn’t wait very long at all when they started telling Group A to line up.  A few minutes later we saw Alan and Britt coming our way, it was their turn to do the Meet & Mingle!  It appears that it’s all rotating like last tour (2 in the Meet & Mingle and 4 in the photos with Emma & Rashad/Heather being consistent).   To give you an idea for our cast photo we had Emma, Lindsay, Rashad & Gleb.  I will update this after each show to give you all an idea:


The photos were wonderful as always.  In all past tours I have attended they have always taken 2 pictures, this time they only did 1.  The staff is also very kind, nobody is yelling at you it’s a pleasant experience.  You do have to leave your purse, bags and anything else on you at the table and you cannot ask for autographs etc. at the cast photo portion.   This year too it was one professional photo taken by VIP Nation host, no selfie options in the main photo.  You could however do selfies with the dancers in the Meet & Mingle.  I did not honestly see the green screen option anywhere at either VIP party in Durham so I cannot comment on that.  After the photos were done and the dancers all left to get ready for the show you could go to the merchandise stand and do some crowd free shopping which was also nice.

Rows 2-5 VIP Package Gift

Please note on the pics:  the itinerary says up within to 2 weeks but the staff has been doing an awesome job and usually has them up in about 24 hours.

Show time!  Here is a full article I did on the show itself.  http://lightscmemories.com/entertainment-blog/dwts-hot-summer-nights-tour-2017/

Suggestions for Tour Management:  This is something I have been thinking about.  For the Maks & Val Tour and the Derek & Julianne tours there was another top level tier package when you got pictures in the VIP and then got extra time with them backstage.  I know the VIP photos are with “select” dancers (4 the last 2 tours) at each city but, many fans have voiced their disappointment when their “favorite” isn’t in their photo since it’s a random rotation.  I have heard many voice their displeasure at paying several hundred dollars but not getting a pic with their favorite.  What if you added another ticket tier or made it with the front row packages that you get your pic with the rest of the VIP’s and then you are either taken down just before the show or just after and get a photo with the full tour cast?  If you sold a very limited # of them it wouldn’t take that much extra time.  That way you those that truly want to meet them all would have the chance and it would then add another tier package for you.  I know I would sign up for that for sure!

If possible rotate the dancers if you are doing two shows in one city.  Some of us like to go to both shows and it would be great to get pics with two sets of dancers since you are paying VIP at both.

Bravo & Thank you:  VIP Nation you always put together fantastic unique experiences and it doesn’t go unnoticed! Thank you so much to the tour staff:  Mandy Moore, Director Andrew Winghart, Associate Director and Ashley Edens-Shaffer, Creative Consultant and our dance captains:  Lindsay and Artem truly put together an amazing show that I think every fan should be sure they have a ticket for! The creative genius is obvious at every moment in the show.  The vision and layout for this tour is truly worth 10 Stars!  The crew and all the other behind the scenes individuals also deserve a shout out!  The Dancers (Sharna, Gleb, Artem, Lindsay, Sasha, Keo, Emma, Hayley, Alan and Britt all truly leave it on the floor each night.  It’s emotional, it’s passionate, it’s raw, it’s FUN, it’s full of energy and I am so excited I will get to see this tour multiple times and have a new take away each night!

If you don’t have a ticket…Buy one today and if you are able to do VIP it’s worth the investment for this experience they have many different levels and price points too!  Here’s the link for tickets/VIP package! https://vipnation.com/tours/dancing-with-the-stars-live/hot-summer-nights/e54ccb4a62ac4b99ca9331d468a18443VwH3ZPV%3D

Want to see more photos?  For many more pictures from the tour, past tours please follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook @lightscmemories!  If you have any questions that I can help with please don’t hesitate to reach out!



Where do I love to shop for fun outfits for VIP pics!






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DWTS Hot Summer Nights Tour 2017

Dancing With the Stars

Hot Summer Nights Tour Summer 2017


This was my 5th Dancing with the Stars tour! The stage set up with fantastic, great music/dance selection and the cast was filled with not only great talent but, the kindest people.  Truly loved the Hot Summer Nights Tour!


I am attending 4 shows on this tour and have one more to go in Minnesota and did VIP for three of the four. Here are a few links to past articles on the tours.  First one is guest blog by a contest winner:  http://lightscmemories.com/contestsgiveaways/dwts-vip-tour-winner-review-_dwts-hough/  Next: http://lightscmemories.com/vip/guest-blog-sandra-chen-1st-dwts-tour-vip-experience/ Here are a few on past tours:  http://lightscmemories.com/entertainment-blog/dwts-came-dance-2016-17/ & http://lightscmemories.com/vip/dwts-vip-came-dance-tour-2016-17/ & http://lightscmemories.com/entertainment-blog/dancing-stars-dance-night-tour/and I have also kept track of the cast photos and mingles as I know many of my followers like to guess who will be in their VIP:  http://lightscmemories.com/entertainment-blog/dwts-hot-summer-nights-tour-vip-photo-list/

The cast included: Rashad Jennings, Heather Morris (filled in for most of July while Rashad was out for football) Sharna Burgess, Lindsay Arnold, Artem Chigvintsev, Gleb Savchenko, Keo Motsepe, Emma Slater, Alan Bersten, Sasha Farber, Hayley Erbert and Britt Stewart!

This year’s tour was very light & fun with a lot of summertime elements mixed in.  It was so great to see Emma & Rashad dance together live again.  I was so excited for them that they won this season.  I haven’t seen Heather perform yet that will be at the next show.  It was also so nice to have Sasha back on tour this time and Britt was another fantastic addition to the cast.  I know a lot of people were unsure what to expect when Val took the summer off.  Even though he and Jenna were incredibly missed on the stage I think many of the other dancers really shined bright this tour.  We saw a few of our favorite dances from the season, they had an entire movie section which was just fantastic.  I know I keep saying it when I post pictures but, that dance that Sharna & Gleb do to 50 Shades was just smoking hot.  I also really enjoyed Artem & Hayley’s beautiful and passionate contemporary dance and Gleb & Hayley’s dance to “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”.  Watching Sasha and Emma dance quite a few pieces together including the Viennese Waltz dedicated to their engagement was just beautiful. Lindsay has a fun storytelling portion of the show as well that is hilarious in addition to performing many amazing numbers.  I also really enjoyed the Prince/Princess piece.  Keo is absolutely hilarious with his drop the mic moment and also has many beautiful and high energy performances.  Alan also truly stands out this tour with his fun dance with the ladies, his Samba with Lindsay and many other fantastic performances.  Britt is a real sweetheart and also incredibly talented.  She shines bright on the stage every night!    All of the dancers just radiate joy on that stage.  The entire show was absolutely beautiful and high energy and it allowed all the dancers to be equally in the spotlight.

I also loved all the other special elements.  If you haven’t seen the show you can skip a few of the videos so it doesn’t get spoiled:



Every style of dance was perfectly portrayed, you could feel the raw emotion and energy and each performance flew by because it was just that good.  This year’s tour was similar to the last one very fast paced which I loved it seemed to be shorter numbers but, with a lot more content packed in which I absolutely loved.

The dancers gave it their all every single night of the performances and I cannot say enough what a privilege it was to meet them at the meet and greets, but to sit in the audience and watch their talent and brilliance come to life.



For even more photos please visit my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages @lightscmemories

I will be posting an article on the VIP Experience this week as well!

A few of my favorite shops for tour clothes:





Until next time,



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Dierks Bentley WTH Tour VIP

Dierks Bentley What the Hell Tour VIP

July 2017


Dierks has a very good VIP program.

Entering the VIP: You sign in, get some merchandise (Sunglasses, pin and cloth to wipe down glasses) and he did a 6 song acoustic set and some finger snacks. The VIP area is very intimate and Dierks absolutely played more songs than I have ever seen another artist do to date in a similar setting.


He was super fun, he took requests from the crowd on what we wanted to hear as well.





Suggestions for his staff: One suggestion would be to offer a limited # of VIP tickets for purchase to compliment the fan club meet and greet contest. I know a few friends of mine would love to meet Dierks but, have not been lucky enough to win yet and with Dierks’ s ever growing popularity it will be harder. 

I have to hand it to Coastal Creek for the VIP area there was a large built in AC blower this time as it was over 95 degrees that night and otherwise the tent would have brutal.  I know there is not much they can do about the weather and I tried to stick it out in the pit for as long as I could but, after about 12 songs into Dierks set I had to step off to the side where it was cooler and get some more water.

Also wanted to shout out Jon Pardi and Cole Swindell who opened for Dierks.  Both are phenomenal talents as well.  It was my first time hearing Jon perform and Cole is absolutely amazing.  I would think we will see Cole headlining his own tour very soon.

For more photos from the show please follow my social media pages @lightscmemories


Final Verdict: Definitely recommend.


Until Next Time,



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DWTS Tour Questions with Emma Slater

1.  What is your favorite part of being on tour?  I love getting to connect more personally with the audience on tour. Getting to meet them and chat for a while is something that we can’t really do in LA where we film the TV show. Because of this, touring feels more real to me! It’s meeting the audience that are behind the camera and getting to know them. It’s definitely my favorite part of touring!  – Emma Slater
2.  What is your favorite # on the Hot Summer Night Tour to perform? Dancing the Viennese Waltz with my fiance Sasha is my favorite dance on the tour. It is dedicated to the moment we got engaged on Season 23 to a song we absolutely love, “Perfect” by  Ed Sheeran. – Emma Slater
VIP Experience Blog

DWTS Hot Summer Nights Tour VIP Photo List


I will keep track again of who is in each cities VIP photo/mingle so if you attend a show and can send me the info I would appreciate it:)

Atlantic City Night 1:   Photo:  Sharna, Artem, Rashad, Emma & Keo   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Atlantic City Night 2:  Photo: Gleb, Lindsay, Rashad & Emma  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Morristown Night 1:  Photo:  Lindsay, Sasha, Emma, Sharna & Rashad   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Morristown Night 2:  Photo:  Rashad, Emma, Lindsay & Artem  Mingle:  Hayley & Keo

Erie:  Photo:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Gleb   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Rochester:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Artem   Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Albany:  Photo:  Emma, Sasha, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Hershey:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Lowell:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Gleb & Lindsay  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

White Plains:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Sasha  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Binghamton:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Washington DC:  Emma, Rashad, Artem & Sharna  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Mohegan Sun Night 1:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Sasha   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Mohegan Sun Night 2:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Raleigh NC Both Shows:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Nashville:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Louisville:  Emma, Heather, Keo & Sharna  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Huntsville:  Emma, Heather, Artem & Alan  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Memphis:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Gleb   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Shreveport:  Emma, Heather, Artem & Sharna:  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

San Antonio:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Gleb:  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Corpus Christi:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Little Rock:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Lindsay  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Tulsa:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Lindsay   Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Enid:  Emma, Heather, Gleb & Artem   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Springlfield:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Lindsay  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

St Louis:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Artem  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Milwaukee:  Emma, Heather, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Peoria:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Sasha  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Akron:  Emma, Heather, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Grand Rapids: Emma, Heather, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Detroit:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Lindsay  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Merrillville: Emma, Heather, Sharna & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Minneapolis:  Emma, Heather, Artem & Lindsay Mingle:  Alan & Hayley

Omaha:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Keo  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Kansas City:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Lindsay  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Salina:  Emma, Rashad, Keo, Britt, Alan & Sasha Mingle:  Hayley?

Denver:  Artem, Lindsay, Emma & Rashad  Mingle:  Alan & Britt?

Salt Lake City:  Emma, Rashad, Keo & Sharna  Mingle: ? Hayley

Las Vegas:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Lindsay  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Tempe:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Keo  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

San Diego:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Sharna Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Long Beach:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Artem  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Oakland:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Keo  Mingle:  Alan & Britt?

Reno:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Sharna  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley?

Fresno:  Emma, Rashad, Artem & Keo Mingle:  Alan & Britt


Thank you for following again this tour!



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DWTS Season 24 Pre-Semi Finals Wrap Up

DWTS Pre-Semi Finals Wrap Up



I figured I would do something different this week rather than the usual recap.  It’s crazy we are already heading into the Semi-Finals in Season 24!

First I would like to say that is was sad to see Nick/Peta, Nancy/Artem and Bonner/Sharna go home the last two weeks.  I really thought we would see Nancy/Artem in the Semi-Finals and I have to wonder if the packages had anything to do with it but, then again this season has been the one of surprise eliminations.  I had the pleasure of meeting all 3 of them when I went to the live show a few weeks ago and all of them were kind, had a lot of heart and really wanted to give it their all.  I felt the judges were far too harsh on Bonner last week and some statements just should not have been said.

As a fan of the show since Season 1 I really look forward to when I can attend a live show and see how the stars interact or don’t interact with the fans.  I think it can be very telling overall.

We are down to the final 4 teams:


David & Lindsay #teamLadyAndTheGramp:

I have gone back and forth on David all season.  I didn’t like the week where he seemed dismissive of Lindsay but I think he really came out with his best performance last week to Humble & Kind.  That dance allowed us to feel the emotion and truly did highlight the friendship that has developed.  Let’s face it this show is just as much about the relationship, the emotion and how a star/team makes you feel when you see them dance.   I think they stand a shot at making it to the final 3.


Simone Biles & Sasha Farber #teamGoldenGiggles

I know this might not be a popular opinion but, I think it might be time for Simone to go.  I think her attitude and comments back to the judges last week showed her age & maturity level.  Yes she is an amazing superstar Olympic athlete but, fame can be fleeting.  I agree 100% with what the judges keep saying as I have felt it all season.  In this competition it’s not enough to just come out and nail a performance you have to have fans invest in you & root for you.  The difference for me between she and Laurie last season is we all could feel the emotion from Laurie, we could relate to her.  Remember the dance after her Grandma passed away and the dance to Chicago?  She hadn’t had all the life experiences either but, she opened her heart and allowed the audience in.  Simone has the talent no question but, to win DWTS you need to have audience totally invested.


Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy:  #teamValMani

I think Normani has peaked at the exact right time this season.  She has opened up week after week & allowed us into her heart, her life experience and showed off another level of her amazing talent.  It’s been nice to watch the friendship/partnership develop between she and Val and I truly think she deserves to be in the finals.  The contemporary dance last week was one of the most raw, emotional and powerful displayed on the show.  The trio dance was a ton of fun.    I am excited to see what they bring this week.


Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater #teamShadSquad

Rashad has truly blown me away this season and he and Emma absolutely deserve to be in the finals.  I am not only really excited for Emma because she finally has an amazing partner that has allowed her to show off her fantastic skills but, mostly because this partnership is just perfection.  Rashad is just one of those truly genuine, kind and caring individuals that I am truly honored to have met.  He literally took time with everyone that wanted to speak to him, get a picture etc. and was incredibly down to earth and humble.  He has grown as a dancer from week 1, he has taped into the magic formula of getting into character, being truly raw & emotional when the dance calls for it and brings the passion and intensity when it’s needed.  I thought they were fantastic last week and the trio dance was excellent.

Final thoughts:

I think it should be Val and Normani & Emma & Rashad in the final 2.  I think both are absolutely tremendous, they both have the total package and I would be happy to see either team win.  I think Rashad might have a slight edge with viewers in that he came into the competition with no dance experience and developed and grew through the season but, I think Normani might have had the experience but, I think she showed growth in allowing people into her story.

Who’s excited for the DWTS Hot Summer Nights Tour?  Buy your tickets, you will not be disappointed!  They always have a great VIP experience too!



Until next time,





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DWTS Season 24! #teamBoybands & #teamGirlGroup Week

DWTS Season Season 24! Week 6- #teamBoybands and #teamGirlGroup Week



What a fun week this will be with Team Boy Bands vs Team Girl Group!  Stay tuned for my blog from attending the Week 4 Most Memorable Year show.  Life has been a bit hectic with travel, my best friend got married last week and then a move but, I promise to share all the fun details!

It was great to have Nick Carter in the ballroom as a guest judge and have Maks back in the ballroom after his calf injury.

Simone Biles & Sasha Farber #teamGoldenGiggles

Dance:  Samba to music by:  Destiny’s Child

Sasha and Simone are too cute.  Simone is really doing well in the competition and she absolutely has the skill.  I have been trying to put my finger on what I have felt is missing a bit.  I think she isn’t totally connecting with the audience at home.  She needs to have people get invested in her/root for her on top of having the fantastic skills.  I thought their dance was really good this week though.




Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess #teamDenimNDiamonds

Dance:  Rumba to music by:  Backstreet Boys


I don’t agree with Bonner that he is the weakest dancer left in the competition.  I think Bonner has heart, drive and desire which in my opinion goes far.  He is improving each week and in my opinion the audience is pulling for him.  I really love the partnership with Sharna.  Sharna has such a way of bringing out the best in all of her partners.  I would agree with Nick if Bonner could just let it go each week it could take him to the next level but, as someone who has learned to dance this year it’s hard to get out of your head.


Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigvintsev #teamBladesOfGlory

Dance:  Paso Doble to music by:   En Vogue


I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy when I was at the show a few weeks ago and she is seriously the nicest person.  I think she gets too many negative comments for being emotional.  All creative people just have a different way in how they process things or handle stress that doesn’t and shouldn’t make people not pull for her.  I personally think she is what the competition is about, she has heart, she works hard, she improves each week and she truly gives it her all.  I thought their dance this week was fantastic, she was strong, fierce and totally crushed it.


Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd #teamBabyGotBach

Dance:  Jive music by:   Beach Boys

I would say that Nick isn’t one of the top dancers left but, Peta is right the show is just as much about personality and he is improving each week.  He does put his heart and soul into the competition that is for sure and when I met him he is one of those people that has crazy charisma.  The Jive is a hard dance and I thought they did a good job.


Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy:  #teamValMani

Dance:  Salsa music by:  Pussy Cat Dolls


Val and Normani really make another great partnership.  I think you have really seen them step things up the last few weeks after all that traveling stopped.  She’s shining at just the right time in the competition and is such a powerhouse.  I know there was the issue with Len feeling like there was much Salsa content in it.  That can go both ways they are also dealing with the music they get and how to put together the overall performance factor.  I thought the dance was good, it was dynamic and it was fierce.


David Ross & Lindsay Arnold #teamLadyAndTheGramp

Dance:  Argentine Tango music by:   N’Sync


I am still on the fence on this team.  Lindsay always works extremely hard with her partners and I didn’t really care for it when he made the disrespectful comment you are not my coach.  She is your dance coach David you need her to teach you.  I thought their dance was good, the lifts were risky for sure but, as always Lindsay has beautiful chorography.



Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater #teamShadSquad

Dance:  Tango music by:  Four Tops


This partnership remains one of my favorites this season and Rashad is truly a kind person.  I was so impressed by him when I met him.  He’s down to earth and just as sweet as can be.  I loved in the package that he took Emma to NFL training too.  Their dance this week was fun, intense, had a lot of great content and continued to highlight the growth Rashad has had as a dancer.


Heather Morris & Maksim Chmerkovskiy #teamMaksimumHeat

Dance:  Rumba music by:  TLC


It was so nice to get Maks back in the ballroom.  Alan did a really fantastic job filling in for him and I think he truly earned a right to be a pro in a future season.  I thought their dance this week was beautiful and it highlighted all of Heather’s technical skills.  All season I think her issue has been in her connection with the audience.  You can be the best dancer but, you need the audience/voters to pull for you.


Team Dances:




I thought they did a great job on the team dance.  It was fun, sexy and creative.  I would say Rashad’s personality really shined like a diamond and you couldn’t help but, zoom in on him.  Their magic mike  portion to the NKOTB was awesome and showed they all had the right stuff.




I thought the girls did a good job.  It was fun and also creative.  The lighting issues that happened made it hard to see a lot of it.  I thought all the girls were strong and performed really well.


In Jeopardy:

Artem & Nancy and Heather & Maks


This week we said goodbye to:  Heather & Maks and it was shocking to me either couple was in the bottom.  I truly feel the issue was the connection with the audience.  You have to connect with the fans in the packages, when you have opportunities to meet them etc.  The show I attended the other dancers would step out for a few minutes and meet fans but, Heather did her interviews and then just walked the other way never engaging.  I never felt that or saw the desire to connect from Heather in my opinion.  She has talent though hands down and definitely left too early in the competition.   I absolutely don’t think Nancy/Artem belonged in the bottom 2 either and I hope fans will give Nancy a chance.  She really his working hard and a total sweetheart.


Until next week!