Heather Donovan

About Me

heather_201 Hi Everyone, my name is Heather.  I have had a lifelong interest in entertainment.  Hey, who doesn’t enjoy being at a live event or a concert or even a celebrity soft ball game.   My day job for the last 13 years is an Advertising Sales Director for a niche media company.  Being in the media business has been such a blessing as it has afforded me the opportunity to be able to attend a variety of different events.

There is nothing like the feeling of a live concert, when the lights go down and you know you are in for an incredible night!  I have a wide variety of musical interests from Rock N Roll, Country, Latin, Festivals and more! I enjoy Live Entertainment shows such as Dancing with the Stars, SWAY and I’m looking forward to this summer’s Maks & Val Tour.  I enjoy meeting celebrities and getting to ask them questions about their passions and their talents.

My love of live entertainment started young.  My first two concerts were Bon Jovi and NKOTB: New Kids on the Block back as a teen.  Over the years I would see acts as they came to my home city and then 5+ years ago I realized that I didn’t have to wait for my favorite act to come to me.   I could see them anywhere in the world and have not just a concert experience but a travel experience as well.    I have a strong belief that in life making memories is more important than collecting things.  The bonus to all my adventures is that I have made lifelong friendships while attending concerts and events. There is a certain type of person who likes to attend concerts and live events.  In my experience I have found that the people who go to events seem to be more adventurous, they live fuller lives and they have a fun loving attitude.  It is such a pleasure to meet likeminded people.

For the last several years I get regular messages from friends asking how they can meet their favorite artists, what my thoughts are on specific VIP Packages, fan trips etc.  I would like to use this site to share my personal thoughts and opinions on the shows I attend, share photos /videos, provide details and commentary on VIP experiences, research meet and greet opportunities with a variety of artists, share the value in the various experiences and highlight the fantastic things some of the artists do for their fans for loyalty and so much more.

We can also talk about other fun things like fashion, makeup, neat finds and more! I also have a passion for animals so will share pet stuff occasionally. I have a puggle that I love dearly.

I look forward to getting your feedback and connecting with you all.