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98 Degrees Christmas Tour 2017

98 Degrees

Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons & Justin Jeffre

December 2017


98 degrees



Entering the 98 degrees VIP:

98 degrees had a fun VIP for their Christmas tour.  I was shocked when I signed in and found out I was the only one that had the Backstage experience.  I admit I was a little nervous.  They had us check in between 4-4:45, we were taken in for sound check around 5:15 and it started about 5:30.  That was a fun experience, Drew talked for a bit about the tour, the technical reasons they do the sound checks etc.  They did 2 full songs and then a snippet of a 3rd and then did a Q&A.  After that was finished we were added to the line for the group photos.  Only rules were no cell phone and no hugging the guys as they did not want to get sick on tour.

98 degreesBackstage Experience:  After the group pictures they escorted me down to the backstage area.  I really was so nervous for some reason but, the guys were all so nice and so sweet.  We all sat on the couches and talked a lot about DWTS and Nick & Drew’s experiences, I shared what I do with photography and then just random other discussions about bands, music etc.  I really appreciated that they asked me questions to and they seemed interested.  It really was like hanging out with any of my guy friends and it was such a great experience.  Before I left the room we all did a champagne toast and I had to laugh when they all said eyes, eyes, eyes, it’s an old wives tale but, it made me laugh.  We took selfies, they did a few videos for me and that was it.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience truly.  I hope they will do that on future tours.

The concert itself was great, they played a fantastic mix of Holiday songs and all of their hits over the years.  I really enjoyed myself. 98 degrees

Suggestions for his staff & CID Entertainment: I would just say what I often am writing here.  I know they say it can take up to 2 weeks for your pictures but, my experience is the really great hosts have them up in 24 hours because they get how important it is to fans and how much anticipation there is to see the photos.  98 degreesThis host took a week to post them and even had a bunch of us worried because she posted less than 20 one day and that was it and we all were wondering what happened to ours and then 2 days later the rest were posted.  Rock star hosts post them very quickly because they truly get it.

98 degreesVenue Comments:   I usually love attending events at DPAC but, it really soured my opinion this time.  About 4 songs in I had a security manager come up to me and tell me I couldn’t use my point and shoot camera.  I said but, it’s a point and shoot and he said it’s making the tour uncomfortable and truly wasn’t very nice about it.  98 degreesI have used that camera there for a ton of events and it fits under what is allowed.  I was not happy at all and it really ruined the first part of the show for me.  At intermission, I asked someone to get him and I showed him in the light that my camera was within the rules and I asked him to take it back and show the tour.  Sure enough he came out and said its fine you can take pics the rest of the show.  It was just really unnecessary and you don’t have to be so rude to people that spend a lot of money to attend these events.

Final Verdict: Definitely recommend 98 Degrees VIP!

Here are a few videos:

Fun concert wear!



White House Black Market:


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