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DWTS Tour Questions with Emma Slater

1.  What is your favorite part of being on tour?  I love getting to connect more personally with the audience on tour. Getting to meet them and chat for a while is something that we can’t really do in LA where we film the TV show. Because of this, touring feels more real to me! It’s meeting the audience that are behind the camera and getting to know them. It’s definitely my favorite part of touring!  – Emma Slater
2.  What is your favorite # on the Hot Summer Night Tour to perform? Dancing the Viennese Waltz with my fiance Sasha is my favorite dance on the tour. It is dedicated to the moment we got engaged on Season 23 to a song we absolutely love, “Perfect” by  Ed Sheeran. – Emma Slater
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DWTS Hot Summer Nights Tour VIP Photo List


I will keep track again of who is in each cities VIP photo/mingle so if you attend a show and can send me the info I would appreciate it:)

Atlantic City Night 1:   Photo:  Sharna, Artem, Rashad, Emma & Keo   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Atlantic City Night 2:  Photo: Gleb, Lindsay, Rashad & Emma  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Morristown Night 1:  Photo:  Lindsay, Sasha, Emma, Sharna & Rashad   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Morristown Night 2:  Photo:  Rashad, Emma, Lindsay & Artem  Mingle:  Hayley & Keo

Erie:  Photo:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Gleb   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Rochester:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Artem   Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Albany:  Photo:  Emma, Sasha, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Hershey:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Lowell:  Photo:  Emma, Rashad, Gleb & Lindsay  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

White Plains:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Sasha  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Binghamton:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Washington DC:  Emma, Rashad, Artem & Sharna  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Mohegan Sun Night 1:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Sasha   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Mohegan Sun Night 2:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Raleigh NC Both Shows:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Nashville:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Louisville:  Emma, Heather, Keo & Sharna  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Huntsville:  Emma, Heather, Artem & Alan  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Memphis:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Gleb   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Shreveport:  Emma, Heather, Artem & Sharna:  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

San Antonio:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Gleb:  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Corpus Christi:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Little Rock:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Lindsay  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Tulsa:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Lindsay   Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Enid:  Emma, Heather, Gleb & Artem   Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Springlfield:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Lindsay  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

St Louis:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Artem  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Milwaukee:  Emma, Heather, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Peoria:  Emma, Heather, Sharna & Sasha  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Akron:  Emma, Heather, Lindsay & Gleb  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Grand Rapids: Emma, Heather, Sharna & Artem  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Detroit:  Emma, Heather, Sasha & Lindsay  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Merrillville: Emma, Heather, Sharna & Gleb  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Minneapolis:  Emma, Heather, Artem & Lindsay Mingle:  Alan & Hayley

Omaha:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Keo  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Kansas City:  Emma, Rashad, Sharna & Lindsay  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Salina:  Emma, Rashad, Keo, Britt, Alan & Sasha Mingle:  Hayley?

Denver:  Artem, Lindsay, Emma & Rashad  Mingle:  Alan & Britt?

Salt Lake City:  Emma, Rashad, Keo & Sharna  Mingle: ? Hayley

Las Vegas:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Lindsay  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Tempe:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Keo  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

San Diego:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Sharna Mingle:  Keo & Hayley

Long Beach:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Artem  Mingle:  Alan & Britt

Oakland:  Emma, Rashad, Lindsay & Keo  Mingle:  Alan & Britt?

Reno:  Emma, Rashad, Sasha & Sharna  Mingle:  Keo & Hayley?

Fresno:  Emma, Rashad, Artem & Keo Mingle:  Alan & Britt


Thank you for following again this tour!



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DWTS Season 24 Pre-Semi Finals Wrap Up

DWTS Pre-Semi Finals Wrap Up



I figured I would do something different this week rather than the usual recap.  It’s crazy we are already heading into the Semi-Finals in Season 24!

First I would like to say that is was sad to see Nick/Peta, Nancy/Artem and Bonner/Sharna go home the last two weeks.  I really thought we would see Nancy/Artem in the Semi-Finals and I have to wonder if the packages had anything to do with it but, then again this season has been the one of surprise eliminations.  I had the pleasure of meeting all 3 of them when I went to the live show a few weeks ago and all of them were kind, had a lot of heart and really wanted to give it their all.  I felt the judges were far too harsh on Bonner last week and some statements just should not have been said.

As a fan of the show since Season 1 I really look forward to when I can attend a live show and see how the stars interact or don’t interact with the fans.  I think it can be very telling overall.

We are down to the final 4 teams:


David & Lindsay #teamLadyAndTheGramp:

I have gone back and forth on David all season.  I didn’t like the week where he seemed dismissive of Lindsay but I think he really came out with his best performance last week to Humble & Kind.  That dance allowed us to feel the emotion and truly did highlight the friendship that has developed.  Let’s face it this show is just as much about the relationship, the emotion and how a star/team makes you feel when you see them dance.   I think they stand a shot at making it to the final 3.


Simone Biles & Sasha Farber #teamGoldenGiggles

I know this might not be a popular opinion but, I think it might be time for Simone to go.  I think her attitude and comments back to the judges last week showed her age & maturity level.  Yes she is an amazing superstar Olympic athlete but, fame can be fleeting.  I agree 100% with what the judges keep saying as I have felt it all season.  In this competition it’s not enough to just come out and nail a performance you have to have fans invest in you & root for you.  The difference for me between she and Laurie last season is we all could feel the emotion from Laurie, we could relate to her.  Remember the dance after her Grandma passed away and the dance to Chicago?  She hadn’t had all the life experiences either but, she opened her heart and allowed the audience in.  Simone has the talent no question but, to win DWTS you need to have audience totally invested.


Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy:  #teamValMani

I think Normani has peaked at the exact right time this season.  She has opened up week after week & allowed us into her heart, her life experience and showed off another level of her amazing talent.  It’s been nice to watch the friendship/partnership develop between she and Val and I truly think she deserves to be in the finals.  The contemporary dance last week was one of the most raw, emotional and powerful displayed on the show.  The trio dance was a ton of fun.    I am excited to see what they bring this week.


Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater #teamShadSquad

Rashad has truly blown me away this season and he and Emma absolutely deserve to be in the finals.  I am not only really excited for Emma because she finally has an amazing partner that has allowed her to show off her fantastic skills but, mostly because this partnership is just perfection.  Rashad is just one of those truly genuine, kind and caring individuals that I am truly honored to have met.  He literally took time with everyone that wanted to speak to him, get a picture etc. and was incredibly down to earth and humble.  He has grown as a dancer from week 1, he has taped into the magic formula of getting into character, being truly raw & emotional when the dance calls for it and brings the passion and intensity when it’s needed.  I thought they were fantastic last week and the trio dance was excellent.

Final thoughts:

I think it should be Val and Normani & Emma & Rashad in the final 2.  I think both are absolutely tremendous, they both have the total package and I would be happy to see either team win.  I think Rashad might have a slight edge with viewers in that he came into the competition with no dance experience and developed and grew through the season but, I think Normani might have had the experience but, I think she showed growth in allowing people into her story.

Who’s excited for the DWTS Hot Summer Nights Tour?  Buy your tickets, you will not be disappointed!  They always have a great VIP experience too!


Until next time,






DWTS VIP Tour Winner Review by _dwts.hough

Hi Y’all, it’s been a busy few months but, I am so looking forward to DWTS starting on Monday and kicking off the weekly blogs once again!



The winner of the DWTS VIP Package _dwts.hough wrote about her experience and I wanted to share it with you…

By: _dwts.hough

Having VIP and meeting the professional dancers of DWTS was honestly a dream come true.  They were the nicest people and just amazing.  I met Val, Laurie and Artem in the meet and greet and I was just in shock.  I could not believe I was standing in front of them!  They gave the absolute best hugs I did not want to let them go!  Emma & Lindsay were mingling and honestly they were the sweetest!  They talked to me for so long and it was so nice of them!  Meeting them was such a dream come true…I cried so much!  Getting this chance I felt so blessed and I just could not thank Heather enough for the opportunity!  Doing this meet & greet I know for sure I will do it again on the next tour!  Thank you Heather for giving me the opportunity to meet my idols!

My favorite dance of the night was the contemporary to “Unsteady”.  the dance is such an inspiring dance I cried through the whole thing.  It really hit home with me for sure.  It is such an amazing piece It was a masterpiece!

My favorite part of my first VIP experience was for sure meeting the pros!  Especially Emma Slater and Val Chmerkovskiy!  They have been such role models in my life and to finally meet them was amazing!  They were two of the nicest people I have ever met!  I was very surprised as how nice and humble the pros are!  I knew they were nice but, honestly I did not think they would be the most amazing people!  I am so proud to call all of the pros my idols!

I’m so very blessed for this opportunity and thank Heather for making my dreams come true!



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DWTS We Came to Dance 2016-17

Dancing With the Stars


We Came to Dance Winter 2016-17

This was my 4th Dancing with the Stars tour (#DWTSTOUR) and hands down the BEST one to date! The stage set up with fantastic, great music/dance selection and the cast was filled with not only great talent but, the kindest people.

I am attending 5 shows on this tour and have one more to go in Costa Mesa on the last night of the tour and did VIP for each.  If you want to learn about their amazing VIP experience check out this link: and I have also kept track of the cast photos and mingles as I know many of my followers like to guess who will be in their VIP:

Cast: Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Sharna Burgess, Laurie Hernandez, Lindsay Arnold, Artem Chigvintsev, Gleb Savchenko, Keo Motsepe, Emma Slater, Alan Bersten, Jenna Johnson and Hayley Erbert!

This year’s tour really focused on each dancer’s story and it was so beautifully put together.  You would find yourself laughing, in tears, with goosebumps and just sitting on the edge of your seat.  To highlight just a sample:  Val and Laurie perform a few of their favorite dances from the season, there is a section on favorite movie dances that is just fun and stunning at the same time, special dances for just the men and just the women and a lovely moment as Emma shares the story of her engagement. The girls and Artem perform a fun Spice Girls number that will really take you back.  I loved the opening & closing numbers and the piece they all participate in on how they put together the dances each week.  There is also a section after intermission that will leave you in stitches it is so hilarious.  Jenna Johnson performs a really amazing number to Seduces Me that is just breathtaking.  Sharna & Val perform a high energy jive that just totally rocks and Sharna performs a steamy tango with Alan that I just loved!  Alan and the ladies perform a special number that will leave every man in the room jealous of him.  Artem and Gleb heat up the stage in their respective pieces that tell their stories.  Lindsay hits all the right notes in her dances too including the one she dedicates to her Dad…Crazy Train.  Keo also has some moving pieces to his life story and a rumba with Emma.   Jenna and Artem perform a special piece from La La Land that is visually and emotionally stunning.  The contemporary numbers that Jenna & Artem and Hayley and Val do are so beautiful and passionate.  The number that makes me cry and I get goosebumps every night is Sharna’s story.  I don’t want to spoil it for those that have not yet seen it but, it’s a story some can really relate to and will pull at your heart strings for sure.   This was just a quick highlight of my thoughts.  All of the performances are just amazing!

Every style of dance was perfectly portrayed, you could feel the raw emotion and energy and each performance flew by because it was just that good.  This year’s tour was very fast paced which I loved it seemed to be shorter numbers but, with a lot more content packed in which I absolutely loved.

You will absolutely walk out of the theater feeling like you have truly gotten to know the Pro’s.  They open their hearts and souls to us in this tour.  So often on DWTS it’s always focused on the celebrity. It was so special to learn all of their stories and see how it shaped their joy not only in dance but, in life.

The dancers gave it their all every single night of the performances and I cannot say enough what a privilege it was to meet them at the meet and greets, but to sit in the audience and watch their talent and brilliance come to life.

For even more photos please visit my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages @lightscmemories!

Also thank you and shout out to VIP Host Anthony Jones for continuing to be our rock star, taking truly memorable pictures, always being very organized and truly being invested in the fan experience!

Until next time,



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FINAL DAY of 8 days of Giveaways!

To thank you for getting me to 8000 followers on Instagram we will be doing 8 days of giveaways!  Thank you for allowing me to share my passion with you!  FINAL Day 8: One (1) VIP Meet & Greet Package to the Dancing with the Stars Tour this winter

To enter:  Go to my IG page @lightscmemories Be sure you FOLLOW the page, then comment below the day 8 giveaway post with the city you want to attend (Please check and be sure it is not already sold out, I cannot do anything if pkgs are sold out)  and tag 2 friends inviting them to like my page and then post either your favorite M&G picture from past tours or post a pic of your favorite dancer on your page and tell me why you want to meet them (tag me @lightscmemories).   Bonus entry will be given to anyone that signs up for my newsletter on this website.  If you sign up please be sure to comment again and tell me you did so I can verify it and add a bonus entry.

WINNER Via Random Draw:  @_dwts.hough!  Congratulations!


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Dancing with the Stars-Cirque du Soleil Week

Season 23, Week 4 Double Elimination:  Cirque du Soleil


First and foremost huge congratulations to Emma Slater and Sasha Farber on their absolutely beautiful engagement tonight on the results show.  They are two incredibly kind people and what a beautiful surprise on tonight’s show.  I wish them so much happiness.

I was so excited for a new theme week this season, Cirque du Soleil!  It seems like anything else there was very mixed reviews online.  I personally loved it and in my opinion it really brought out fantastic creativity in the Pro’s and almost all the dances were off the hook amazing.

At the start of the show they dropped the bomb that it would be double elimination Tuesday.  I also don’t know what happened at the start of the show again with the microphones.  Couples were just coming out without hearing any audio.  BTW I loved Erin and Julianne’s dresses Monday night.  I would love to know the designers.  If anyone sees that info let me know.

Great live performers on the results show too:  DNCE, Zara Larson


Lindsay Arnold & Calvin Johnson Jr


KURIOS Cabinet of Curiosities: Charleston

First off bravo to Lindsay this was such a fun dance!  Fantastic creativity and Calvin is such a joy to watch and he was able to really show off his strength and personality this week.  The dance was super fun, the lifts were all amazing and I actually had to rewind and watch it again it was so good.  I thought they deserved 9’s.  A fun partnership indeed!

Cirque Mystere:

Artem Chigvintsev and Maureen McCormick


Mystere:  Argentine Tango

Their package was hard to watch.  Maureen is clearly a very sensitive person and I just wish every week she would just find the fun in this and just trust in Artem.  It was sad to have Artem say maybe I am in the wrong business.  He is one of the kindest men you could ever met and just wants the best for his partner.  I hope Maureen will get to the point where she will walk in and feel the joy everyday so they can stay.  I really thought their dance was really good tonight, it was definitely Maureen’s best dance to date.  Just remember dance is FUN.

Cirque The Beatles LOVE

Jana Kramer & Gleb Savchenko


The Beatles LOVE:  Foxtrot

It looked like it was a tough week for Jana and Gleb but, clearly they shook it off.  All the traveling is exhausting and not all dances come together as quickly as you want.  They remain a great partnership and I thought their dance was beautiful, classy, graceful and moving.  She is determined so I am sure she will keep working on it.


Cirque KA

Derek Hough & Marilu Henner


KA: Paso Doble

I still think Marilu needs to just relax and remember dance is supposed to be fun.  I get the desire to be great and perfect but, don’t focus so much on that and lose the fun.  I did think this was Marilu’s best dance to date and I know she has the desire to do this and she has the skill to do it but she needs a breakthrough I think in the performance.  It was a good performance, the creativity was great!


Cirque Zumanity

Amber Rose & Maksim Chmerkovskiy


Zumanity:  Argentine Tango

Amber and Julianne had a bit of a misunderstanding from last week.  I have met Julianne a few times and she is a complete sweetheart but, I also can see where Amber was coming from.  Not every girl is a size 0 or 2 and every woman should celebrate what makes her sexy, curves and all.  I felt that both women handled the interaction with class and demonstrated how women should handle issues, talk it out like grownups and move on.  I thought Amber and Maks’s dance tonight was very sexy, filled with passion, intensity, content and really good.

Cirque "O"

Ryan Lochte & Cheryl Burke


“O”:  Viennese Waltz

Ryan has been on quite a journey but, I really think he is showing improvement every week and allowing everyone in and to get to know him better.  Their dance was beautiful, elegant and showed a lot of beautiful creativity.  This show is about a journey and I love to route for individuals that are growing each week and improving. Ryan should be proud this week.  Some individuals did yell something out when he was getting the judges’ comments but, I was glad to hear they were positive people yelling “Go Gators”.

Cirque The Beatles LOVE:

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds & Allison Holker


The Beatles LOVE:  Tango

Oh I felt so bad for Babyface and Allison tonight.  This was definitely not their best night.  It was very tough needing to stay on time with the lights and it was just off.  They are both really amazing, classy people and I wish it had gone better for them.  I had a feeling they would be going home tonight.


Cirque "O"

Terra Jole’ & Sasha Farber


“O”:  Samba

Terra and Sasha have a great partnership.  I hope Terra continues to believe in herself, girl you are a dancer!  He’s pushing you because he knows you can do it!  Terra goes out every week and just kills it and this week was no exception.  It was sharp, crisp, had lots of hip action and content.  Another job well done it’s always fun to watch this team hit the floor!

Cirque Michael Jackson ONE

Laurie Hernandez & Val Chmerkovskiy


Michael Jackson ONE:  Jazz

I absolutely love seeing how happy and excited Val is this season.  He always gives it his all but, you can see the joy this season.  Laurie is just an inspiration.  She works hard every week and comes out and just nails the performance.  I had a feeling this dance was going to get the first perfect score of the season.  It was absolute perfection. It was filled with sass and class and hard core dancing.  Bravo and well deserved perfect scores!

Cirque La Nouba

Vanilla Ice & Witney Carson


La Nouba:  Viennese Waltz

Vanilla Ice really has impressed me.  He clearly works hard at learning and still maintaining his schedule like many others do on the show.  I really thought he was going to be the dark horse of the competition and be with us for a while.  I thought their dance this week was choreographed really well by Witney and it was good.  It went along with the character of the dance.  Vanilla should be proud of the effort he put into the show.


Sharna Burgess & James Hinchcliffe


PARAMOUR:  Quickstep

Sharna always has fantastic creativity and chorography and James is one that is blowing me away this season.  He reminds me so much of Hélio when he danced with Julianne. James has crazy charisma and the skills and I look forward to their dance each week.  I thought their dance was absolutely fantastic, it had great energy, and it was super fun.  It’s always fun when Sharna channels her inner Jessica Rabbit too.  Bravo. I do have to say that Sharna & James absolutely positively did NOT belong in the bottom 3 tonight that is just crazy to me.


Sadly eliminated tonight were:

Babyface & Allison:  What a class act Babyface was sad to see them go.

Vanilla Ice & Witney:  I was surprised to see Vanilla go so early too I really thought he would be one to watch as the season went on.  He and Witney were good!



Next week:  Most Memorable Year will post more info as it becomes available.

I went to see Val’s talk at the Southern Women’s show in SC.  As always he was wonderful and charming.  If you want to see pics from event check out social media at @lightscmemories Instagram, Twitter and FB.

Finally tickets and meet & greet VIP Packages went on sale this week so don’t miss out!


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Until next time,





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Dancing with the Stars Face Off Week


Week 3 Season 23

This week DWTS was cut short on Monday night due to the Presidential debate.  It was Face Off week!  I also want to do a shout out to Kym Johnson who filled in for Erin on Tuesday.  I thought Kym did a really great job!

One other thing I would like to say is this season’s cast is really good.  It seems in some season’s past there was always at least one that either didn’t seem to really want to be there or wasn’t loving learning to dance but, this season it seems like everyone is there and giving it their absolute all with great attitudes.

Babyface vs Jana face off

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds & Allison Holker


VS (Jive)

Jana Kramer & Gleb Savchenko


img_5634img_5414 I thought both dances were ok.  Jana’s seemed to be a bit more refined and had more typical jive in it and I think she is way more comfortable of the two on the dance floor.  Babyface just seems like he needs to relax and have fun with the dance.  He is good and he has the presence just needs to relax.  The jive just seemed stiff hopefully he will have a break out week so where he just let’s go and has a lot of fun.  Jana and Gleb won the face off.



Rick vs Vanilla face off

Rick Perry & Emma Slater


VS (Paso Doble)

Vanilla Ice & Witney Carson



Rick’s injury looked really painful.  He had such a strong desire to learn and be a part of the show.  I thought they did a good job and attitude is half the battle with anything in life.  I think Vanilla and Witney also did a good job, definitely not perfect but, he also seems to be giving it a lot of effort.  The score was tied so Len broke the tie and gave Vanilla and Witney the face off win.





Ryan vs James face off

Sharna Burgess & James Hinchcliffe


VS (Cha Cha)

Ryan Lochte & Cheryl Burke


img_5430img_5424Holy super sexy Cha Cha to James and Sharna!   James is really good and keeping right up with Sharna’s great creativity in their dances.  I will be absolutely shocked if we don’t see them in the final 2 this season.  I do see improvement in Ryan each week.  I think similar to Babyface he just needs to let it all go one of these weeks and really have fun with it.  James and Sharna won the face off.


Calvin & Terra face off

Terra Jole’ & Sasha Farber


VS (Viennese Waltz)

Lindsay Arnold & Calvin Johnson Jr



Terra is awesome and her attitude is tremendous.  She wants to turn a disability into an ability and she shines every week in this competition.  I thought Calvin and Lindsay did really good this week, he wasimg_5426 incredibly graceful.  They edged out Sasha and Terra and won the face off.





Amber vs Maureen face off

Amber Rose & Maksim Chmerkovskiy


VS (Salsa)

Artem Chigvintsev and Maureen McCormick



I can see Amber improving each week, she and Maks took a chance this week doing a more hip hop salsa routine and I can see Amber is trying to put her own personality stamp on the dances.  I didn’t agree with all the judges’ commentary.  Maureen seems to be coming into her own and relaxing in the competition.  I absolutely thought this was Maureen’s best dance so far and it was a lot of fun to watch.  Artem & Maureen won the face off.


Laurie vs Marilu face off

Laurie Hernandez & Val Chmerkovskiy


VS (Tango)

Derek Hough & Marilu Henner


 img_5751-2img_5411I had read beforehand people wondering how Laurie would do because the Tango is a sexy dance.  I take dance lessons and I don’t totally agree with that.  I think it doesn’t have to be sexy if you bring the intensity and get into the character of the dance.  It was nice to see that side to Laurie.  Laurie is just on the mark every week and continues to grow.  I think Marilu is also good but, still needs to do what I was saying with Babyface and Ryan, just relax into it, and remember she is there to have fun too.  Val and Laurie won the face off.


What a wonderful pro number by the women of DWTS.  Perhaps we will see that on Tour this winter…I also loved the Maks and Val piece.  The performers were also fun this week including Florida Georgia Line and Fitz & The Tantrums.   All the dance performances by the Pro’s and Troupe members were fantastic!  It’s been such a fun season!

In Jeopardy:

Rick Perry and Emma Slater

Amber Rose & Maks Chmerkovskiy


Sadly we had to say goodbye to Rick and Emma.  Emma is such an amazing pro, such a kind person and it was really sad to see them go.  They were working so hard and Rick had such a great attitude but, he should walk away proud of the effort he put in.


Next week:  Cirque Du Soleil which is a new theme!

Maureen & Artem:  Mystere

Vanilla & Witney:  La Nouba

Amber & Maks:  Zumanity

Jana & Gleb:  The Beatles LOVE

Terra & Sasha:  “O”

Calvin & Lindsay:  KURIOS Cabinet of Curiosities

James & Sharna:  PARAMOUR

Marilu & Derek:  KA

Babyface & Allison:  The Beatles LOVE

Laurie & Val:  Michael Jackson ONE

Ryan & Cheryl:  “O”

I went to see Val’s talk at the Southern Women’s show in SC.  As always he was wonderful and charming.  If you want to see pics from event check out social media at @lightscmemories Instagram, Twitter and FB.

Finally meet & greet VIP Packages went on sale this week so don’t miss out!

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Until next time,