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Dancing With the Stars Mirror Ball Champions Season 22

Dancing with the Stars:   Finals Night 2 Who Wins the Mirror Ball?



Season 22/Week 10


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I am so excited for tonight!  Truly all three are so good, anyone could go home with the Mirror Ball.

The entire show was fantastic tonight and it had to be one of my favorite finales in all the 22 Seasons I have watched.  All the guest performers were amazing from Fleur East, Dan & Shay, Fifth Harmony, Aloe Blacc and of course Pit Bull who never disappoints.


It was fun to see 3 past chFinale5ampions in the ballroom as well including Bindi, Shawn and Emmitt.

The Maks and Val Tour preview just made me even more excited for their summer tour!  It’s going to be filled with so much fun and amazing dancing!  I seriously cannot wait to watch their dream come to life!finale6

I also loved how they highlighted the eliminated contestants this time, the entire show was so much fun.  This season had so many fantastic partnerships I loved to see Kim/Sasha, Jodie/Keo, and Wanya/Lindsay etc together again, the football player section was great too and the Trivia game with Witney, Lindsay and Von was absolutely hilarious!   I especially loved the dance Witney and Artem performed to Dan and Shay’s “From the Ground Up”.  The dance to Summer Thing was also a lot of fun to watch and the fun Men and Women of DWTS group dances were also great!

Final Fusion Dances:

Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy

#teamGinandJuiceGinger 8

Fusion Dance:  Argentine Tango & Foxtrot:  “Just Like Fire”

Scores:  9-9-9






Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd


Fusion Dance:  Tango & Cha:  “Summer”

Scores:  10-10-10 (Perfect Score!)


Paige VanZant & Mark Ballas


Fusion Dance:  Finale7Jive & Salsa “Little Bitty Pretty One”

Scores:  10-10-10 (Perfect Score!)

All the fusion dances were good and it really capped off a fun end to a truly amazing season.  It was a special moment when Carrie Ann put in the extra effort to sign with Nyle.  They all had truly amazing journeys this year for different reasons.  Nyle truly showed the world that nothing can stop you from doing something new that some may think is impossible and he open everyone’s eyes to what it is like to be deaf in many powerful ways.

Ginger came in 3rd place and she and Val should truly be very proud of her performance this season.

Time to crown the winner! 

Season 22 Chamfinale1pions are:

Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd

Congratulations!  It was an awesome season and you did an amazing job!  Paige and Mark you both also did such a wonderful job!  Truly this is one season where all 3 were deserving to win.

For those of you that follow my blog I have many events I will be covering this summer including:  Maks & Val Tour, CMA Fest, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, Steven Tyler, JLO and more! Please stay tuned to this page, my IG/Twitter: @lightscmemories and Facebook:

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Until next time,



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Dancing with the Stars: Famous Dances Night #famousdances

Dancing with the Stars:  Famous Dances Night




Season 22/Week 6

Famous Dances night is another exciting night on Dancing with the Stars and today also happens to be Len’s Birthday!

The opening number to “Putting on the Ritz” was so much fun and Val in the sparkling shorts was just too hot!  The talent of all the dancers on the show truly is endless.

Let’s get this night going!


Kim Fields & Sasha Farber:  Jive


Music: “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray
It was great to see Kim and Sasha back together again, they truly have such a fun relationship.  One thing I feel needs to be said though is the packages are not always a fair/accurate portrayal.  I have met Keo on several occasions and he is not a spoileSasha Famousd sport and more than likely just needed a few minutes to himself after the tough comments he received from the judges last week but, instead they made him come off like a spoiled sport/brat.  Kim does have an injury,  a stress fracture. Kim is tough and wants to work hard and put on a great dance.

I thought they did a good job tonight.  Kim held her own with the troupe dancers backinCeqXaXfWIAA1BSqg her up, it seemed to be a seamless routine, lots of energy, lots of smiling, fun, great footwork considering her injury, I didn’t see that is affected her and it was a great way to open the show!  The judges all loved it, Carrie Ann felt it was missing a little bit of energy.

Scores:  8-8-8 (24 out of 30)


Von Miller & Witney Carson:  Jazz


Music: “Bad” by Michael Jackson

It was awful to see Witney beatingWitney herself up over the scores last week.  She is a very talented teacher and absolutely shouldn’t take that personally.  This week Von seemed to be very much in the zone, the last two weeks he has been really turning it around in my eyes, he seems to be letting his guard down and I have found myself routing for him.  It seems he is more in it to win it than he had been IMG_2558 (2)the first few weeks.

They really had such a fantastic dance tonight.  Von did a great job and I loved the look of pure pride on Witney’s face at the end of the dance.  Von did a seamless job with the male pro’s backing him up.  He seems to be a lot more comfortable and his footwork was really good.  They should be very proud of this performance.  All the judges loved it!

Scores:  8-8-8 (24 out of 30)



Jodie Sweetin & Keo Motsepe:  Contemporary


 Music: “Try” by Pink

It had been reported that Jodie had been injured and taken to the hospital during rehearsals this week.  It was great she was able to come back and dance.  In the footage it showed she actually had hurt her face and her ankle this week.  That sound that came from her ankle wasn’t good at all and it showed how badly she wants to stay in this competKeo Famousition.  Nothing was fractured so if she can tolerate it they would allow her to dance.   Jodie and Keo work so hard and really enjoy their partnership.

I really felt tonight’s dance suited them well.  It was emotional, it was intenIMG_2561 (2)se, the lifts were amazing and they both truly told the story in the movement.  I absolutely loved it and I am glad this partnership is back together.  Jodie should be proud of herself, every week she truly improves and tonight she was brilliant.  The judges all thought they did a great job!

Scores:  9-8-8 (25 out of 30)


Paige VanZant & Mark Ballas:  Jazz


Music: “Soul Bossa Nova” from Austin Powers

Paige and Mark staMarkrted out with a challenge because their original song got pulled due to legal reasons which set them back a few days because Mark had to start over on choreography.  I love their partnership.  This dance will be fun too because Paige will be able to show off some of her athletic abilities.

I thought their dance was fantastic.  It was quirky, it was fun, it haCeGvaQ3XIAE9fGod great musicality, and Paige brings out this really fun side to Mark.  I think they are doing an absolutely fabulous job and I truly think we will see Paige in the finals, she performs each and every week brilliantly and you can tell how much fun she is having on the show.  Great job!  Judges all loved it!

Scores:  9-10-9 (28 out of 30)

Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd: Quickstep

Music: “Hey! Pachuco” from The Mask

I really wasn’t liking some of the packages this week, I know the producers are trying to create drama but, come on represent the stars/pros fairly because otherwise it gives the audience a false representation and then that can cause issues in the voting.  I am sure Nyle was likely asked do you consider yourself a front runner or something along those lines and maybe asked who his greatest competition is in in the show.  I didn’t take his response as a cocky.  Everyone should remember there is a big difference between being confident and being cocky.  I felt they did the same thing to Tamar last year in one of the packages.  Val even tweeted this after the show:

Val Tweet

I felt their dance was fun, creative, full of energy, good footwork and Nyle fully captured the character from The Mask.  The dance had a lot of content as well and the Quickstep certainly doesn’t look easy.  I wouldn’t say it was their best dance but, it certainly wasn’t bad by any means.  The judges gave mixed reviews.  Carrie Ann12794640_1708426052703623_6862659142724183090_n felt he wasn’t as crisp, that his frame was broken and that there was a section where they were out of sync.  Len had some good/poor comments.  When he made the comment that he shouldn’t compare himself to Val that it will annoy people that was a bit harsh.  I am not sure exactly what the judges were trying to accomplish tonight, perhaps to rein in the confidence or something?  If Nyle is striving to be as good as Val it’s good to have goals like that, I say Dream Big!

Scores:  8-8-9 (25 out of 30)



Ginger Zee and Val Chmerkovskiy:  Jazz


Music: “Nasty” by Janet Jackson

Val and Ginger make suVal Famous1ch a fun pair this season.  Ginger is just very sweet and down to earth and truly enjoys every minute of being on this show.  I don’t understand how she does it most days getting up so early for GMA, flying back and forth, spending time with her sweet baby and rehearsing but, that just shows how dedicated she is to it.  She took some time off this week and staye
d in LA so she could reset a bit.

Ginger did fantastic, she was fierce, she was fabulo
us, considering she is not an actress I feel she really can pull off the characters of each dance so well.  She was able to really show her stuff and truly stay in sync with all the male pro dancers thVal Goodat were backing her up.  Carrie Ann liked it but, was wanting to see a bit more and pointed out how rehearsed she always is.  Bruno
said she just has to punch it more to take it to the next level.  Ginger youalways make everyone proud.

Scores:  8-8-8 (24 out of 30)




Doug Flutie & Karina Smirnoff:  Bollywood


Music: “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire

Doug is truly the Doug famousone you want to root for each week because you can tell how hard he is working, how much he wants to improve and he is truly on such a tough season because the talent is just crazy this season.  This will be a challenge since Karina had never done this style either.

The dance was great, it was fun and I absolutely would say its Doug’s best dance.  He truly seemed to be having a ton of fun.  He really held his own with the troupe as well.  Doug has an amazing spirt and I can see why he is so respected and has so many fans.  The judges all complimented him.

Scores:  7-7-7 (21 out of 30)



Wanya Morris & Lindsay Arnold:  Jazz


Music: “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC music video

Great to have Lindsay and Wanya together again, they have a magic partnership.  I loved what Wanya was saying to Witney after the scLindsay famousores last week, he truly is a class act.  It’s going to be fun to see him dance to an NSYNC song since he and Joey are good friends.  Lindsay is such a fantastic choreographer and she is really able to demonstrate it more and more each week.

The dance was incredible, Wanya absolutely crushes the faster styles.  Loved the section with the screens, they had perfect timing and it looked like a professional video shCep4rolWEAEOy_n.jpg largeoot.  Wanya is so much fun to watch, he has insane charisma and like I said above a ton of class.  They both should be very happy with their performance tonight. The judges, Lance and Joey all loved it!

Scores:  10-9-10 (29 out of 30)



Antonio Brown & Sharna Burgess: Jive


Music: “Footloose” from Footloose

I have been a fan of Antonio’s all season but, I have to say tonight was disappointed in his comments to Sharna in the package.  Sharna is one of the best pros on the show not just because she is so good but she is understanding, compassionate and she keeps it real Sharna famouswith her partners.  I felt his attitude was unwarranted.  Maybe he needs to step it up and give the experience on the show that much more.

I did like their dance tonight.  It was a lot of fun, it appeared most of his footwork was totally in step with the troupe dancers.  They brought the fun, super high energy and overall his attitude was better and he had a renewed desire to win it all and seemed to work hard thIMG_2560 (2)is week.


Scores:  9-9-9 (27 out of 30)


Elimination Time:  I admit I had a WTF moment when they said Paige and Mark, no way did they belong in jeopardy.

In jeopardy this week:

Paige & Mark

Von & Witney

Doug and Karina

Doug and Karina were eliminated.  It was time for Doug to go but, he certainly should go with his head held high.  He’s done a great job, he has worked hard and brought a lot of heart!

Next week is DOUBLE ELIMINATION:  VOTE by phone, Facebook and on so your favorites are not sent home!  Next week is also Team Dances Men vs. Women!

I truly think from here on out things get really hard on the eliminations.  This season is just filled with so much talent as I keep saying.  I am not liking that Val & Ginger, Von & Witney and Kim and Sasha were all tied for the bottom of the leaderboard.

Few other points of interest:

Jenna Johnson @dance10Jenna and Artem Chigvintsev @theartemc have this amazing dance video to Zayn’s “Pillow Talk” Share this video so they may get a chance to perform it live on the show!


Also want to compliment the troupe each performance tonight was amazing!  Great job!  Alan and Brittany that was an insane Swing Bumper you did this week!


Just a reminder if you want to get tickets to the HOTTEST tour this summer go maks and valto:  I will be blogging on the show and their various amazing VIP Packages this summer




VOTE by phone, Facebook and on to avoid future surprising eliminations.

Until next time,



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Dancing with the Stars: Switch Up Night

Dancing with the Stars:  Switch Up Night




Season 22/Week 5

This week is always an interesting one on Dancing with the Stars.  I really think the couples are matched up perfectly this season and I was so excited to see them all perform.  I was in the audience last night and I will be writing a separate article on what’s its like being in the studio.

Loved the opening number it was so full of energy and so much fun to watch!

Wanya Morris and Witney Carson (Lindsay Arnold): Tango


Song: James Bay’s “Hold Back the River”

I was really excited for this match up.  I love Witney as a pro but, I haven’t been feeling the maCgHAg_1WQAA_idngic spark between she and Von this season and I think Wanya’s personality and skills will make for a fun match up.  He reminds me so much of Alfonso with his charisma.

I thought their dance was good, it was clean, sharp, seemed to connect really well.  Wanya seems to truly excel in the faster dance styles an
d I think it’s because has just so much energy and he can release it in the faster dance styles but, I think he continues to improve and is still a contender this season.  Len felt it was hectic.  Bruno liked it and highlight the difficult content included and stated that he has incredible ability.  Carrie Ann mentioned that it was a tough song to do the Tango to which also was a valid point.  I do love how classy Wanya is with the judges’ comments, scores etc.  He truly seems to take it to heart and you can tell he has that winning spirit.

Scores:  8-7-7-8 = 30 points
Phone: 800-868-3412


Kim Fields and Keo Motsepe (Sasha Farber): Viennese Waltz


Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine”

I think this will be another great match up.  Keo is a talented dancer and Kim’s personality is truly shining through these last few weeks.  The height difference may be an issue but, I hope they both have fun with this partnership.

Kim has one of the most expressive faces in the competition and she has been radiating joy the last several weeks.  She’s a pleasure to watc12963408_10154092835801740_7525276824160041752_nh.  I thought their dance was good, emotional, passionate, in character but, not much of it was done in hold.  I personally have not learned this dance style yet in the lessons I have been taking but, going off what I have seen in past seasons and on the DWTS tours I was thinking that might be the biggest comment from the judges.  Maks said it was a hard one that it was a great performance but, not a Viennese Waltz, lacking frame etc.  Bruno thought they were on the money on the emotion of the dance and Carrie Ann loved it.  Len agreed with Maks and he wanted to know why there wasn’t one step in hold.  Maks reminded Keo of the height differences between him and Meryl Davis.  My opinion is that Keo felt he was choreographing the best he could dealing with the height differences and I think he will continue to grow as a pro.   Keo and Kim should be proud of a solid performance this week.

Scores:  8-6-6-8 = 28 points
Phone: 800-868-3406


Doug Flutie and Peta Murgatroyd (Karina Smirnoff): Tango


Song:  Sam Sparro’s “Black & Gold”

This is another great match up.  Peta is an incredible teacher and Doug absolutely has the drive and the desire to learn and improve every week.   Not everyone learns dance at the same speed but, it’s hard not to route for someone that you can tell truly wants to succeed and improve every week.  It’s hard to get out of your own head at times and just relax into the dance. 12998679_10154092835786740_1870049239380947740_n

I think tonight was Doug’s best dance to date.  He did a great job and really seemed to work well with Peta’s style of teaching.  That is not to take anything away from Karina though.  It was a solid performance, it was intense, his footwork definitely showed improvement and he is also improving in getting into the character of the dance with his facial expressions.  The judges still think he needs to work on his musicality.  Maks highlighted that it was full of content and told him to just work on enjoying himself in the dance.  Tom Brady gave him a shout out and Bill Belichick doing an IG video post for him as well was great support.    Doug continues to improve so I would say BRAVO to you and Peta for a great job this week.

Scores:  7-7-7-7 = 28 points
Phone: 800-868-3402


Ginger Zee and Mark Ballas (Val Chmerkovskiy): Salsa


Eddie Palmieri’s “La Malanga”

Ginger grows by leaps and bounds each week.  The joy on her face is so evident and it really shows in all of her performances.  She wa12961545_10154092835591740_691835640881001394_nnts to go far in this competition and it is very evident in the hard work she demonstrates each and every week.  I will miss seeing her and Val dancing together this week but, I think this partnership with Mark has some fun potential.  Ginger’s husband, Ben is such a riot.  I crack up each week with what they air in the packages from Ben.  This week is a classic, Mark is like a glass of merlot and Val would be a dirty martini and then later Mark is the marrying type but, Val is more the Russian love slave.  Too funny!

Ginger took the stage full of sass tonight.  I loved her dance she absolutely crushed it this week!  The hip action was incredible, the lift, she nailed the character of the dance and you can tell she is having an absolutely amazing time on the show.  I thought it was a flawless performance in my opinion.  Kudos to Mark on choreography that truly made Ginger shine!  I know earlier in the season Ginger was hoping to get her sexy back, girl you got it!  Val was beaming with pride watching you!  The judges all absolutely loved it as well!  I did however think you deserved at least 9’s this week, the 8’s were too low.

Scores: 8-8-8-8 = 32 points
Phone: 800-868-3404

Antonio Brown and Karina Smirnoff (Sharna Burgess): Cha Cha


Song:  Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man”

I have really liked Antonio all season and felt he was underscored.  Since watching the show since 13012618_10154092835126740_7282044135142724463_nSeason 1 I also am interested to see the stories that are portrayed in the packages each week. Often I take them with a grain of salt.   This week there seemed to be a lot of emphasis on Antonio being late and not putting in the work.  Over the seasons a lot of celebrities have had very challenging schedules but, still put in the work it’s part of the commitment to the show and if he truly is late all the time that is not only disrespectful to the experience but, to your partner as well.

Karina you did a great job with the choreography this week.  Antonio had an explosive start to the dance with his flip.  It was full of energy but, this wasn’t his best dance to date.  The footwork didn’t seem as sharp as it was in past performances.   The judges overall were not impressed.  Len told him you have to polish and take it to the next step.

Scores:  7-6-6-7 = 26 points
Phone: 800-868-3401


Paige VanZant and Sasha Farber (Mark Ballas): Rumba


Song:  One Direction’s “Perfect”

I am excited to see this match up as well.  Sasha and Paige seem to have developed a fun friendship on the show.  It’s been great having Sasha back as a pro this year.  He is incredibly talented and matched with Paige’s amazing skills this should be a great dance!  We were all handed candles to hold during this performance which set the mood in the room.

I loved Pai13015683_10154092835586740_263735648576239341_nge’s dress tonight, it was beautiful!  Paige is too cute and I bet it’s hard to channel your inner sexy for such an intimate dance in a room full of people with a new partner.  I felt Sasha did a great job building that trust with Paige in this week.  I LOVED their dance.  It was beautiful, it told a story and had such elegance.  Every week I am in awe of Paige that she can be such an tough fighter and yet so incredibly graceful.  If I had to pick a top 3 today I would say for sure Paige will be in this for the long haul.  She is beautiful inside and out and absolutely should be proud!  Maks told her she is capable of winning but, was bothered by a lack of rumba content. Bruno and Carrie Ann really loved it! I thought Maks scored it too low, I understand his comments on the content but, the overall performance deserved at min straight 8’s at least.

Scores:   8-8-7-8 = 31 points
Phone: 800-868-3410

Von Miller and Lindsay Arnold (Witney Carson): Jive


Song:  Beans & Fatback’s “Hips”

I was hoping that Von would be matched with Lindsay.  I wanted to see if maybe he would have different chemistry with Lindsay.12961491_10154092835121740_8021071907562028779_n  Taking away nothing at all taking away from Witney.   I have just been trying to put my finger on my thoughts on Von all season.  Some partnerships have this amazing chemistry from the start, others it takes time to grow.

This was the first time this season I was truly impressed by Von.  He really brought it this week.  It was fun, it had high energy, he seemed highly engaged in the dance and you could tell he put in the effort.  For me it was his best dance of the season.  The judges all had great feedback.  Carrie Ann congratulated Lindsay how she worked with Von’s style.  The judges still want more out of Von but, I think he’s made the turn after this week and I hope it will continue.

Scores:  8-7-7-7 = 29 points
Phone: 800-868-3411


Nyle DiMarco and Sharna Burgess (Peta Murgatroyd): Viennese Waltz


Ruelle’s “I Get to Love You”

I absolutely was so excited to hear that Sharna would be matched with Nyle this week.  Both Sharna and Peta have amazing teaching abilities and truly can do amazing work with their partners.  They always make sure their partners shine and I think 13000179_10154092835811740_8166748323986911424_nwe are all in for seeing magic tonight.

Tyra Banks came to watch Nyle perform tonight.  Sharna is awesome, I love that she is just so real, their package was too funny.  When they were talking about relationships and Sharna said was he deaf referring to Nyle’s 10 year relationship and Nyle said no she was deaf as well.  Innocent mistake Sharna but, love that you can laugh it off.   Nyle is amazing to watch on television but, in person it is even more incredible.  I say it every week but, I am just in awe of his dancing abilities.  It truly shows everyone that nothing is a road block if you want to do something bad enough.  Sharna choreographed an absolutely stunning, raw, emotional, elegant and just beautiful Viennese Waltz.  I had tears in my eyes watching them.  Bravo Sharna and Nyle.  You did not disappoint tonight, you took our breath away.  Carrie Ann hit the nail on the head that Nyle truly has the advantage because he has been telling a story with his body his whole life.  LenCarrie Ann loved it and said it was a total eclipse!  Maks said best dance of the night & of the season and he still cannot figure out how it is possible for Nyle to perform so well.  Bruno loved it.  OMG seeing Nyle, Sharna and Peta all in tears too it was just so beautiful.

The scores were a huge issue because Maks and Bruno held up a 10 but, they were supposed to be 9’s.  The way it was explained is that at the end of a dance the judges all say the scores, Len writes them down and hands them off to production.  Bruno and Maks said they said 10’s but, Len heard 9’s and they have to go by what is written that goes to production.

Please check out Carrie Ann’s explanation on it on the Access Hollywood screen shot.

Scores:  9-10-9-9 = 37 points

Phone: 800-868-3409


Jodie Sweetin and Val Chmerkovskiy (Keo Motsepe): Paso Doble


Song:  Calvin Harris & Alesso’s “Under Control”

This is another partnership for switch up a lot of people were excited to see especially after Val and Maks did the guest starring role on Fuller House recently.  I do not understand why Jodie has been in the bott13006545_10154092835116740_5667847527826495275_nom 2 each week but, she needs a breakthrough to hopefully keep her in the competition and I know Val can do that.  He is such a strong, amazing leader and I think he can help Jodie get out of her head a bit more this week.

I was so excited watching their dance.  Val did a great job working with Jodie.  It has to be so hard to be in the bottom 2 and still
have that fire to come out and put down an amazing performance but, hands down Jodie did it!  It was dynamic, it was strong, it was a clean, full of content, intensity and Val choreographed and amazing Paso which perfectly highlighted Jodie’s fierce determination.  Bravo!   Len said last week was lemonade but, tonight was champagne!  Maks reminded the audience of Sabrina Bryan that was talented and sent home early.  Bruno and Carrie Ann also loved it.  It was so great to see such happiness in Jodie’s face and she fully got that it is just a dance.  Keep it up girl, you can go far in this competition!

Scores:  9-8-9-9, = 35 points
Phone: 800-868-3405


No eliminations this week.  They are going to combine the votes/scores from Disney week with Switch Up week and then someone will go home next week.  Overall it was a good week, I will work on another in-depth article on what it’s like to be in the live audience and post it in the next few days.  I loved every single moment of the experience.

A few final thoughts, Artem Chigvintsev and Jenna Johnson’s dance to “Let it Go” by James Bay was nothing short of pure magic.  It was so passionate and just one red hot dance number.  Fantastic job to you both!

Also want to compliment the troupe each performance tonight was amazing!  Great job!

Just a reminder if you want to get tickets to the HOTTEST tour this summer go to:  I will be blogging on the show and their various amazing VIP Packages this summer

#maksandval #ourwaytour

#maksandval #ourwaytour


VOTE by phone, facebook and on to avoid future surprising eliminations.


Until next time,







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Dancing with the Stars: Disney Week


Season 22/Week 4

Disney promo


Who is ready for a magical night?  It’s always a great week on Dancing with the Stars, love all the creativity that flows, the sets, the costumes/makeup and feel good music.  This year’s cast continues to impress so I bet they will not disappoint tonight.


Opening number was so much fun to watch!  All the pro’s look amazing and who doesn’t love watching Val play violin and dance at the same time, his talent is well…endless.  I think tonight will be a special night!

Welcome to Zendaya as guest judge this week!  It was nice to have her back on the show.  Also great to have Brittany Cherry back in the troupe tonight.

Also note the dances all go up to 1 min 30 seconds this week.


Antonio Brown & Sharna Burgess:  

Dance: Jazz/Song: “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin


There is just something I love about Antonio.  I really feel he shares his heart with us each week.  Sharna is such a great instructor.  She mentioned he needs to bring his cool cat to the routine and she hopes it is his best dance yet.  First of all Sharna looks absolutely amazing tonight, you go girl!

I thought Antonio absolutely had his best dance to date, he held his own wiIMG_2560 (2)th the male pro dancers and he absolutely brought the cool factor.  FANASTIC performance.  It was fun, it was creative and he demonstrated so much personality in the character. I had to go back and watch it again I loved it!  Bravo!  I truly hope the judges break out the higher paddles for this dance because they deserve it!  FINALLY some good scores for #teamboomin!!!

Scores: 9-8-9-9 (35 out of 40)
Marla Maples & Tony Dovolani:

Dance:  Waltz/Song:  “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid


Marla seems like such a sweet person, I love her Zen attitude, when it gets stressful let’s just do a cartwheel.  She and Tony have such a great partnership.

I loved their dance, the opening animation was great, their dance with clean, classy, graceful and really told the story.  Great job to Tony on the choreography.  I know a lot of people have said they think they have played it safe.  I think they have just been giving us good, clean, solid dances each week.  Marla is so classy.  The judges gave them all good feedback. Zendaya made a good point to enjoy the process.  I am sure it’s extremely hard with so much going on each week.

Scores:  7-7-7-7 (28 out of 40)



Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd:

Dance: Samba/Song: “Trashin The Camp” from Tarzan


Every week I am on the edge of my seat when it’s time for Nyle and Peta.  I am just in awe of this couple.  It will be very interesting what happens during switch up week.  I am hoping Sharna gets matched with Nyle.  Nyle is going to be one smoking hot Tarzan! 12794640_1708426052703623_6862659142724183090_n

OMG that was the BEST!  I think that was my favorite dance I have ever seen Peta perform with a partner!  It was so much fun first and foremost but, my gosh,  I am speechless.  Nyle hits every single beat, every single move at just the right time and it is just amazing.  Kudos to Peta for fantastic choreography and for another week of inspiring teaching ability.  Nyle you showed off such amazing charisma, your fun personality and well you might just be the hottest Tarzan any of us ladies have ever seen!  FANTASTIC job to you both!  I am sure you will be getting some great scores!  The judges were all blown away.

Scores: 8-8-9-9 (34 out of 40)
Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff: 

Dance: Jazz/Song: “A Spoon Full of Sugar” from Mary Poppins


I am always interested in what they are showing in the packages each week as in many ways that is the producers telling a story and sometimes it does catch the stars at their most frustrating moments.  My impression of Doug is he is a perfectionist.  I think he has always been good at everything he has done and this is hard because he may not be picking it up as quickly as he wants to.  Karina made a good point when he got frustrated and said it’s only dancing. I hope he finds the fun in this experience.

If there is an underdog this season I routed for it would Cep-pQ4WEAAirCqbe Doug, I do think he tries, I just think it’s not coming together for him to the point
of progressing as much as some of the others.  This is a tough season filled with a lot of talent.  Their dance was fun, there were some mishaps and it’s just not up to the same level as the other pairs right now but, I truly applaud Doug for the effort he puts in each week.

When Tom told them they are safe after their dance I have to say my mouth fell to the floor.  We are in for a surprise elimination this week I am afraid to say.

Scores:  6-6-6-6 (24 out of 40)


Kim Fields and Sasha Farber: 

Dance: Quickstep/Song “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book


Kim and Sasha are another pair I really look forward to each week.  Kim has truly relaxed and embraced the fun of the show.  She is full of joy, spunk and they are just such a great pairing!  It’s so great having Sasha back as a pro this year!

Their dance was so much fun, it was light, full of content and creativity!  It was hard not to smile and you could feel Kim’s joy right through the screenCeqXaXfWIAA1BSq!  Len really loved it and said it was her best dance so far and I totally agree.  Every week Kim improves.  Her smile is contagious.  It was hilarious when she dove on the desk to thank Bruno for his compliment.

Scores: 8-8-8-8 (32 out of 40)



Jodie Sweetin & Keo Motsepe:

Dance:  Cha-cha/Song: “Try Everything” from Zootopia


Jodie has the right mindset.  Loved what she said in her package that last week was emotional but, now it was time for some fun.  It’s apparent she works really hard with Keo each week and really wants to excel.  I am still shocked they were in the bottom 3 last week.  Loved seeing Jodie’s kids come to practice and be so excited for this week!

Their dance was a lot of fun, Keo is really getting to show his talents IMG_2561 (2)as a pro on the show this season and Jodie never stopped smiling even though they were having a few issues in the dance.  She said later that she couldn’t hear the music over the enthusiastic fans which really made it hard for her in the Cha-cha.  Bruno is waiting for the WOW factor, I agree she has it in her absolutely.  She just needs a breakout week.  Len had a lot of positive comments which I thought was great.  Jodie really has the potential and I hope they have the chance to let it shine.

Scores: 7-6-7-7 (27 out of 30)


Von Miller and Witney Carson:

Dance:  Viennese waltz/Song: “A Dream Is A Wish” from Cinderella


Witney looked absolutely breathtaking tonight. The perfect Cinderella.  This couple I am still on the fence about.  I don’t think the packages help matters, especially the comment on how did we end up with the same scores as them?  I don’t blame Witney for her rules that would drive me crazy too and it’s just not polite.

Witney did a great job with the choreography, with the major height difference bIMG_2558 (2)etween them I am sure this dance was challenging to keep the frame.  I found it hard when I was learning to dance to do it with someone the same height as me.  I do think this was Von’s best dance to date.  I just think maybe he isn’t connecting with the audience or something.   Will be interesting to see how he does in switch up week.

Scores: 8-8-8-8 (32 out of 40)



Ginger Zee and Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Dance:  Foxtrot/Song: “Belle (Bonjour)” from Beauty And the Beast


I am in love with #teamGinandJuice!  They are such a great positive match and I look forward to their dances each week.  Ginger is totally living the dream of so many on this show and to be partnered with Val too!  Val is so relaxed and you can tell how much fun they are having even as they work hard!

Ginger could easily be on Broadway I literally smiled through their entire dance it was absolute PERFECTION. Val made a very sexy Gaston it was so fun watching them both bring their characters to life tonight! Val Good Val you deserve tremendous praise for your creativity on this dance.   You perfectly choreographed to all of Ginger’s strengths and I truly thought it deserved 10 but, let’s see what the judges say.

I thought it deserved a 10 but, straight 9’s still puts them to the top of the leaderboard.  You had your breakout week Ginger!

Scores: 9-9-9-9 (36 out of 40)



Wanya Morris & Lindsay Arnold:

Dance: Samba/Song:  “Circle of Life” from The Lion King


Wanya is such a powerhouse, I am thinking tonight he will be one to watch.  He Cep4rolWEAEOy_n.jpg largeseems to excel with the faster dance styles.  He absolutely has that competitive drive and he’s fun to watch.

Their dance was crazy powerful, fast, really allowed Wanya to show off his tremendous presence.  Lindsay has been doing a great job creating very unique, fresh dances each week.  She and Wanya really are a fun partnership to watch as
well.   He has a great spirit and I love his drive to be his personal best which will take him far in the competition.

Scores:  8-9-9-9 (35 out of 40)


Paige Vanzant and Mark Ballas:

Dance:  Quickstep/Song: “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story


Paige seems like such a sweet girl.  Love that she has found friends on DWTS.  Their song tonight truly fits her sweet and fun personality.  She’s an absolute contender this season and she shines every single week when she hits the daCeGvaQ3XIAE9fGonce floor.

I am enjoying Mark’s choreography this season.  Sometimes his routine
s are a bit too theatrical for me but, this season he is in a great zone.  He is showing off Paige’s talent and personality in every routine.  They did such a great job tonight, it was fun, it was filled with content and you can tell Mark is really challenging her.  They truly captured the story, I absolutely loved it!

Scores:  9-9-9-9 (36 out of 40)


Elimination Time:

Bottom 2:

Keo and Jodie

Tony and Marla

Neither of these couples belonged in the bottom 2 in my opinion.  It was awful to see Tony and Marla go home.  Marla was so amazing all season and I truly enjoyed her partnership with Tony.

Final thoughts:

Bravo to ALL of the dancers, makeup artists, crew, set design, hair, costumes and everyone that worked hard on this show.  It was truly an amazing production from start to finish!  It’s the Switch Up next week below would be my ideal switch up’s. Switch up week is always so interesting because we are just seeing all of these partnerships grow and then they get thrown a curveball but it can also be helpful to get another pros prospective.   The new partners will be announced on GMA 4/13.

My ideal switch up partners:

Val and Jodie

Keo and Ginger

Mark and Kim

Sasha and Paige

Sharna and Nyle

Peta and Antonio

Witney and Wanya

Lindsay and Doug

Karina and Von



I look forward to hearing your thoughts on social m
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maks and val

I could not be more excited & happy to say that after watching for 22 seasons I will be a part of the live audience next week!  It will give me a whole new perspective watching it live and I cannot wait to see all of these talented individuals perform in person!

VOTE by phone, facebook and on to avoid future surprising eliminations.


Until next time,




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Dancing with the Stars Season 22 Week 3

                    Most Memorable Year

This week is always one of the more emotional weeks on the show.  It allows you to learn more about the stars, their history, loss, love, struggle, triumphs, survival, dreams and so much more.  You also start to see the relationships truly forming between the Pros and their partners.

Break out the tissues I am sure it will be a special night!


Ginger Zee and Valentin Chmerkovskiy:  Contemporary



Ginger is just adorable.   She seems so sweet and genuine.  I loved learning more about her story.  Her most memorable year was 2013 when everything in her life started to change, she took Val to the spot where she had her first date, her first kiss and engagement with her now husband.   She also shared that her career had always been #1 until she met her husband Ben.  For me personally her story really hit home.  I think life puts you in the path of what is meant to be and you have to be open to the new experiences, the adventures, the change because just like Ginger it could be fate is putting you in the path of your Mr. Right, your dream job and the path you are meant to take in life.  Now they have a beautiful baby.  They danced to Phillip Phillip’s Home.

Ginger and Val did a really beautiful contemporary dance.  I thought it was clean, emotional, beautiful, fun and truly expressed Ginger’s love story.   Plus I think it allowed us the viewers to see a different side to Ginger’s abilities.  The firVal Goodst two weeks she had the faster dances in the Samba and Jive.   This time she had to slow it down and I thought she truly demonstrated the emotion of the dance which isn’t always an easy thing to do when you have so much swirling through your head.  Val always delivers 100% to his partners, brilliant choreography and displays pure kindness.  That’s what makes him such a great partner and teacher.  BRAVO Ginger and Val what a great way to start off the night. OMG how cute was Adrian, and Ben’s blinged out baby carrier wrap was the best! I thought the judges scored it too low.

Scores:  7-7-7 (21 out of 30)



Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff:  Waltz



Doug is so sweet and truly takes the approach to dancing from the heart.  I am really routing for him because you just see the improvement and desire in him each and every week. He had such a wonderful upbringing, humble roots and a very loving home.  Doug’s most memorable year was 2015.  Doug’s family suffered a truly heartbreaking double tragedy.  His Dad passed away and his Mom got up and walked over, gave his Dad a kiss and then fell forward and passed away as well.  Doctor’s said the only explanation was dying of a broken heart.   He and Karina are dancing to the song Rainbow Connection to honor his parents.

I don’t know how anyone could watch that dance and not have tears.  Karina choreographed a beautiful tribute to Doug’s parents.   Doug continues to improve weeCep-pQ4WEAAirCqk after week and this week was no exception.  He overcame a tiny mishap where it looked like he might have tripped on Karina’s foot, but, he recovered it well.  You could feel the love and loss through every movement of that dance.  That is one of the things I love so much about dance when you have the ability to show the feelings inside through the movement.  The judges all gave him great feedback and suggestions but, acknowledged what a beautiful job he did.

Scores:    7-6-7 (20 out of 30)




Kim Fields and Sasha Farber:  Foxtrot




I think Kim is also improving week over week.  I can remember watching Kim on Facts of Life as a little girl.  Her most memorable year was 1976 when she booked her first gig in the Mrs. Butterworth commercial.  Loved the message her Mom gave her telling her she had to believe this is why they went to CA and believe God isn’t going to let you down.  She went back out and a star was born!  It lead to Good Times and then Facts of Life. Kim wanted this dance to be a thank you to the fans.  I saw a huge change in Kim this weekCeqXaXfWIAA1BSq.  She seemed to relax and was having a lot more fun with the rehearsals. Kim and Sasha make such an adorable partnership.

Tonight was their best dance to date hands down.  Again, it truly looked like Kim had fun through the entire dance.  It was spunky, it was clean, it was so much fun and free spirited.  The judges all thanked Sasha for all the great content.  I loved seeing Kim’s pure exuberance and she and Sasha should both be so proud of their great performance.

Scores:  8-7-7 (22 out of 30)


Von Miller and Witney Carson: Contemporary




I am still trying to put my finger on what Von hasn’t shown us yet…maybe more vulnerability? I don’t think he is bad dancer, I just think for me anyway something isn’t connecting or translating to the viewers the same way it is for Doug and Antonio.  I think the package this week helped everyone to get to know him a little better.   His most memorable year was 2016 when he won the Super Bowl and was named the MVP.  We learned his backstory that is Dad didn’t want him to play football in the beginning but, his Mom went behind his back and signed up both boys. In the end what a wonderful decision she made, you know what they say Momma knows best.  His Dad is quitIMG_2558 (2)e proud to say his son was the MVP of a Super Bowl!  In the Air Tonight is the song they are dancing to which is the song Von listens to before each game to put him in the right mindset.

This is always one of Witney’s best dance styles to choreograph.  She did another wonderful job tonight.  I thought tonight was also Von’s best dance to date.  I thought the judges all had great feedback for him and maybe Carrie Ann nailed it by saying she doesn’t feel he is giving it 100% all the way through.  I definitely felt like he was more in it this week than the last two weeks and you can see the partnership growing.  He seemed more relaxed this week too so maybe it will just take time, I think everyone’s journey is always different.

Scores:  7-6-7 (20 out of 30)


Marla Maples & Tony Dovolani:  Jive




Marla is just such a classy woman, it truly comes across in all that she does.  I think she and Tony make such a wonderful pair.  Her most memorable year was 1993 when her daughter Tiffany was born.  She and Donald Trump divorced in the year 2000 and Marla became a single mom to Tiffany.  She seems like she would be such a hip, fun mom.  You could see the special bond they have in the package.

They danced to the song Happy.  I loved it!  Their daTony goodnce was light, it was fun, had lots of content and filled with joy.  Marla always pays attention to the details and clearly works on it.  I would say Tiffany is probably beaming with pride for her mom right now.  Tony’s pure joy is also so much fun to see.  I love it when he gets great partners and can really demonstrate what an amazing teacher/dancer he is and his fun personality.  The judges all had great feedback and suggestions.

Scores: 7-7-7 (21 out of 30)



Antonio Brown & Sharna Burgess (Guest appearance by Antonio Jr):  Foxtrot




I am impressed by Antonio each week and I love his partnership with Sharna.  Antonio makes himself vulnerable and I truly feel he gives it 100% each week.  I love his attitude when he said it’s not about how we start its how we progress and how we finish.  His most memorable year was 2007, he was a freshman in college, and broke a college record on the same day his son was born.  The birth of his son truly impacted his life.  He realized right then that he had to work hard and wanted to give his son the life he didn’t have growing up.  Telling your children that you love them, playing with them and giving them your time are all precious gifts.  Antonio’s eyes truly just lit up in the package when he was talking about his children.

They danced to 7 Years which was a beautiful song choice and I loved how they incorporated Antonio Jr in the piece.  Antonio Jr has such a bright personality like his dad.  I loved it, I route IMG_2560 (2)for Antonio each week for many reasons.  He makes improvements each week, he is fun and animated.  He is just a joy to watch.   Judges had mixed reviews.  Carrie Ann loved it, Len still thinks a lot of improvement and refinement was needed.  Again this week I feel the scores were too low for Antonio and Sharna.

Scores:  7-6-7 (20 out of 30)



Paige Vanzant and Mark Ballas:  Paso Doble




Mark is back after being out last week due to a back injury and Paige continues to be one to watch this season.  She is a very talented dancer and it’s amazing how graceful she is coming from being a UFC fighter.  Her most memorable year was 2014 when she was in her first UFC fight. Her story about being bullied I am sure resonated with so many of the viewers.  It’s truly one of the most difficult things to go through as a teen or adult.  I love to see amazing stories like this where they got through it, she found her inner strength and found an outlet.  She is currently in the top 10 best fighters in the world.  Anyone being bullied right now please see you can get through it, even though the days can be dark you will find your bright light, your outlet, your passion.  Don’t give in because the bullies win if you do.CeGvaQ3XIAE9fGo

Their dance was nothing short of AMAZING.  If we don’t see Paige in the final 3 I will be really shocked.  She put down another strong, intense, fantastic performance.  Mark pushed the limits in his choreography which he often does.  I thought he perfectly showcased Paige’s story this week.  It truly was a wonderful performance, way to go!  Will be interesting to see what the judges say.  Len liked the performance but, to him it wasn’t a Paso.  Carrie Ann said it was Bad A**.

Scores:  8-7-8 (23 out of 30)



Jodie Sweetin & Keo Motsepe:  Foxtrot


Jodie is opJodieening herself up more and more each week.  Her story wasn’t always perfect, she went through some tough times with drug and alcohol addiction when she was trying to numb the pain she was feeling inside.  It’s a common issue for child actors.  They live these bigger than life experiences and then the role ends and the world in a way gets quiet and they are still just a teen trying to grow up.   Her most memorable year was this year when Fuller House came back in 2016.  She has been sober now for 5 years.  She is a Mom and it was great listening to her co-stars describe what a real person she is.  The story of her mom saying that she had such a bright light when she was a kid and how she watched it become very dark really pulled at your heart strings.

They danced to Rise Up by Andra Day.  My initial thought was they should have had the performer off the floor because it was distracting watching the dance. I thought Jodie performed absolutely beautiful and put her whole heart inIMG_2561 (2)to every movement.  It was clean, it was purely emotional and you could see how bright Jodie’s light truly is shining once again.  They should be incredibly proud of their performance tonight.  Hands down Jodie’s best dance to date.

Scores:  8-7-8 (23 out of 30)



Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev:  Samba



There was lot of discussion last week about Mischa’s behavior after the performance among the fans.  I can see how some felt she walked off because she didn’t want to get upset on camera but, I still hold the opinion she was being a bit of a diva.  I think the package also showed that.  Blaming Artem?  Seriously he has been extremely patient with her and is one of the sweetest pros.  He truly seems like he had his hands full.  So many people would love to have the opportunity that Mischa has by being on this cast and it has felt every week to me like she didn’t want to be there.  I still think they will be the ones going home tonight which makes me sad for Artem.  Her most memorable year was 2008 when the OC was at its prime and she wasn’t sure she was enjoying it anymore.   My opinion she knew this was going to be her last week on the show and she did show up and seemed to enjoy it.

They danced to Party in the USA.   It was definitely her best performance to date.  It was ok overall.  It was nice to see her smiling and having more fun.  Artem it seems deserves an award for patience.

Scores:  6-6-6 (18 out of 30)


Wanya Morris & Lindsay Arnold:  Waltz




Wanya is such a joy to watch perform and I think he will continue to be one to watch this season.   His most memorable year was 1996 when Boyz II Men performed at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics in Atlanta after a terrorist bombing.  Wayna shard how impactful it was to perform not only in front of all those people, under those circumstances but, it was such a huge moment for him.  He felt like they truly had made it.

They danced to the National Anthem.   I thougCep4rolWEAEOy_n.jpg largeht they had another solid performance.  I do think the slower dances are just different and maybe a bit more challenging for Wayna.  His big personality shines more in the faster tempo dances but, it was still a good performance.  Y
ou can tell he works hard, he has determination and overall a pleasure to watch each week.  Without a doubt everyone is very proud of you Wanya and fabulous job in the choreographed Lindsay!

Scores: 8-8-8 (24 out of 30)



Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd:  Tango



I really look forward to Nyle and Peta’s dance each week.  I am in awe of Nyle and his fearlessness and willingness to learn to dance and not let his challenges stop him.  Peta continues to do an absolutely stellar job not only teaching Nyle but, standing up for him.  I completely agree what Peta said about the judges’ comments last week about his musicality. My family and I were talking about that earlier this evening.  I don’t know how you can make a comment like that when he is deaf and what he is doing week after week is nothing short of remarkable.  I sit on the edge of my seat each week to watch this beautiful story unfold.  His most memorable year was 2012 when he traveled the world without an interpreter.  I love that his mom never taught Nyle that deaf people are disabled she taught him that he is who he is, a human being.  He comes from a deaf family that goes back 4 generations. He truly is fearless in every single way and I hope he knows what a true inspiration he is to so many.  Nothing should stop you from trying something new, to putting yourself out there.12794640_1708426052703623_6862659142724183090_n

They danced to Verge.   Their dance was bold, dynamic, passionate, powerful, and precise and again I am sitting here blown away at the performance.  Nyle is also one to watch!  He hits every beat, every move, and every emotion of the dance. It was stunning.  I am glad Carrie Ann acknowledged her comments last week and clarified what she meant.  I have to agree he is better than Superman.  Phenomenal.

Scores:  8-8-9 (25 out of 30)


Elimination Time:

1st couple in jeopardy:  Doug and Karina

2nd couple in jeopardy:  Mischa and Artem

3rd couple in jeopardy:  Jodie and Keo

You literally had to pick my mouth up off the floor when they announced Jodie and Keo were in jeopardy.  This is why you have to VOTE!  They absolutely did not deserve to be in jeopardy.

Mischa and Artem were eliminated.  I cannot think of a time that someone looked so happy to be going home.  Artem you are a gem as always and we hate to see you go so early in the season.


Top of the Leaderboard this week: 

Nyle and Peta

Bottom of the Leaderboard this week, tie with all 3 football players:

Doug & Karina

Von & Witney

Antonio & Sharna


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maks and val

REMEMBER TO VOTE for your favorites to avoid any surprise eliminations!


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