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As I noted in my Aerosmith blog, I do multiple VIPs a year. And as that same blog showed, multiple at times for groups as well. I’ve had the pleasure of being a VIP for the last three Dancing with the Stars tours. From the first tour I participated in the VIP to this year’s tour I must say: It’s like night and day!  They have improved them tremendously for this year’s Dance All Night Tour.

Emma Slater, Kym Johnson, Val ChmerkovskiyEntering the VIP: In 2014 the experience was Okay, it was great to meet the dancers, and you got a group picture and then could do a selfie with the top package. I opted for a selfie with Val because he has always been one of my favorites since he first appeared on the show. You could also get a photo holding the mirror ball trophy. It was a very rushed experience overall and there was no party included. All the dancers were very kind and welcoming.     Picture3

Picture1Summer 2015 I did VIP again and it was a pretty similar experience as the prior one.

Now this year they put together a stellar VIP Program. As with the past you had various different levels which basically the differences were the seat location at the show and what you received in the VIP Gift Bag. I chose the front row option for all of the shows I attended so I received the signed tour program, tote bag and mug.

Picture4Now on to the good stuff! This time they had a pre-party so they had a video playing that was put together by the dancers about dance styles, how they prepare for tour, what happens backstage etc. In addition to the photo with four of the pros/celebrity they had two of the dance troupe/company dancers that would mingle at the party and stand at the green screen and take additional photos with those in attendance. This was great because it allowed you to meet the dancers and actually have some conversations and get to know them a bit. The value they added to their VIP this year did not go unnoticed. They also had one of the best VIP Staff members from VIP Nation on the tour: Kristin McLeod. She was so friendly at every interaction, she had photos posted in almost all cases within 24 hours, she truly understands what VIP Package purchasers want and really hit it out of the park every show.Picture5

The experience with the Pro’s/Celebrity at the photo op is always great, they are all so sweet, welcoming, engaging and you can truly tell they enjoy meeting fans of the show. Way to go DWTS Tour and VIP Nation for the Dance All Night Tour VIP! Perfect 10!

Final Verdict: Do I recommend the Dancing with the Stars VIP, 110% yes with what they included for this year’s tour, they did a huge improvement and the value they added is exactly what they needed to do!

DWTS Dance All Night TourWord is the Dancing with the Stars tour will be taking this summer off, but they will be back in the winter. I hope they keep the great package they did this time for the next tour.

For my followers that love DWTS I will be covering the Maks and Val tour this summer, they have one of the best VIP Pkgs I have ever seen offered by ANY artist on their tour. If you don’t have tickets yet, you can get them at: All Night Tour

As always for more pictures from the tour please go to my Instagram page @lightscmemories or FB:

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