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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan has a very good VIP program.

I was lucky enough to win a meet and greet for the first Raleigh, North Carolina show. He is incredibly nice and what a great experience to meet him in person. Like many country artists, Luke has a fan club entry to win his meet and greets.

I understand why a lot of country artists do this: accessible for all fans vs. only those who can afford it. That makes the process a great thing.

Entering the VIP: You get your ticket, some merchandise (cup, guitar pics, mini-lunch type zip bag) and a 2-3 song acoustic set and some finger snacks. The VIP area is very intimate and Luke performs really well. Hearing “Strip it Down” acoustic was so beautiful…I had goosebumps.

Suggestions for his staff: Number the wristbands given out when you enter and possibly allow groups of 50 in at a time. But when it’s time to enter the acoustic tent area, make them line up in order by bracelet number. That will seriously cut down on the insane running that occurs and keeps it fair, if you get there on time you go in first. Tim McGraw’s VIP staff does that and it works very well. Plus who wants to have to run like crazy to get into an event when you were among the first 20 in line? One other suggestion would be to offer a limited # of VIP tickets for purchase to compliment the fan club meet and greet contest. I know a few friends of mine would love to meet Luke but, have not been lucky enough to win yet and with Luke’s ever growing popularity it will be harder.

Final Verdict: Definitely recommend.

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