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Move Beyond:  Live on Tour

Move Beyond:  Live on Tour

Derek & Julianne Hough

May 2017


Move Beyond

Entering the VIP:

This MOVE Beyond tour did not start off on the right foot… not the fault of Derek & Julianne’s but, I felt Faculty Tour company management should have emailed all the VIP’s.  We received an itinerary asking us to arrive between 3:30-4:30.  We arrive and are told oh sorry Derek & Julianne’s flight was delayed and the VIP was moved to after the show so we had to just sit around and kill 3 hours until the doors opened/4 hours until show time.  There is absolutely NO excuse for them not to have sent an email to all the VIP’s.  I drove an hour to get there so it would have made no sense to drive all the way home and turn around and fight rush hour coming back.

MOVE BeyondShow/VIP:  The show was great, filled with creativity, awesome dance #’s.  The VIP after the show was great as always with Derek & Julianne doing a Q&A for a good half hour or so, being very candid and showing off how down to earth they are.  After the Q&A we were escorted back for our photo opportunity.  They are both very nice and laid back.  After that it was time to go, it was long night.

MOVE Beyond VIPFinal Verdict: Derek & Julianne were awesome the tour company should have been a lot more considerate to the VIP’s and emailed us instead of expecting us to sit around for 3+ hours because the VIP was moved to after the show!




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