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Luke Pell-Raleigh NC

Luke Pell


August 2017

Luke Pell

Entering the VIP:

We didn’t receive any email before the event saying when Luke Pell VIP was etc.  I asked around on twitter and everyone said be there at 6 pm.  I rushed around to get there by 6 pm and was not happy to be let in and just sit around for nearly 2 hours.  Nobody seemed to know what was going on, when it would be happening, where we should meet to go to VIP etc.  If you are going to have a VIP you need to email info to those that paid for that upgrade and be sure the staff knows what is happening.

Luke PellShow/VIP:  Once we finally were told where to meet we lined up for the VIP.  I will say Luke was super sweet, it wasn’t rushed in any way, he did autographs if you wanted one, chatted for a bit, took photos etc.  Due to all the disorganization with the VIP by the management it was unfortunate because we ended up with not a good spot for the actual show, the lighting in the venue was poor.

Luke PellFinal Verdict: Luke Pell is a super sweet guy, he gave a really great performance and the VIP interaction was great with Luke.  I would suggest the management get organized and start doing VIP’s in an efficient way as that will give everyone a much better experience.  Also hold the VIP early enough that those that paid the upgrade can still get a good spot for the show, not so late that they are left standing in the back.


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