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Nick Carter

Nick Carter’s VIP is recommended, could be A+ with Changes by Wonderful Union

March 2016

Nick Carter VIPThis was my first time seeing Nick Carter in concert.  I sadly wasn’t able to make the dates work when he was touring with Jordan Knight in the past.  I really enjoyed watching Nick on Dancing with the Stars and since he was coming to Raleigh decided to check him out.

Entering the VIP: We had to be at the venue insanely early compared to other VIP’s I have done in the past…3 pm (show started at 8pm).  We waited in line for well over an hour before staff came to check us in.  Approximately 4:30 we entered the venue and were treated to a sound check by Nick and the band.  It was great he even took a fan suggestion and did Nirvana.  After sound check we lined up for our photos.  Nick gets a two thumbs up from me on his photo experience.  He greeted every single fan with a big hug, asked people their names and chatted with them.  You were not just in a photo assembly line.  He sincerely made you feel appreciated.  After the photos we had to exit the venue again and wait around until early entry at 6:45.

Nick Carter VIPSuggestions for the Wonderful Union team:  Do not make such an early arrival time if you are not planning to check people in for over an hour after that time. The extreme frustration I heard while waiting in line from several fans was that they arrived very early that day hoping for front row.  They had it at sound check but, then with the photos happening after they lost their prime front spot.  My suggestion would be give everyone numbered wrist bands or # the VIP laminates as they check in and that is the order they will line up for entry into the venue later that night as well.  That makes it fair to those that waited in line extra early.  It would also have allowed the VIP’s to leave for the 1.5-2 hours in between the experience with Nick and the door open time to go and grab a bite to eat without the pressure of having to stand in line.  Also have security when the doors open enforce the line/numbered situation.  It was truly not fair that about 25-30 waited in line the 1.5-2 hours and then had all of these other people from the back just start pushing in and cutting the line.  Lastly, the photo equipment or distance for the photos needs to be improved.  They did not come out very clear and crisp whether it was the original shot or zoomed in when you compare it to other VIP pictures.

Nick Carter VIPSuggestions to the Ritz Venue:  General admission shows can be tough.  I think if you have a show though where there is an early entry VIP look into putting the metal barricades up or something to keep the VIP’s from being pushed, shoved etc. when the general public enters.  I had 4 different people around me that were also VIP’s that got physically pushed out of their spots and they gave up and went upstairs.


Last thoughts:  The show itself was great.  Nick wasn’t feeling well as he mentioned at the sound check but, he truly performed fantastic.  He left me wanting more.   Nick also does something really nice for his fans, if you purchase $100 in merchandise you get a selfie with him after the show.  I am not sure if this is done at all venues but, thought it was a great opportunity.  That was a really nice benefit to offer to your fans that might not have been able to afford the VIP or for those that did the VIP that wanted that selfie after.

Nick Carter with Heather DonovanI took two videos at the show, the links are below if you want to check them out:

Final Verdict:  Nick in concert, his parts of the VIP A++.  Highly recommend after changes by Wonderful Union!

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